Everything You Need to Know About Surrogacy Costs in Kansas

A Breakdown of What You Might Expect to Pay

Wondering how much surrogacy costs in Kansas? Learn more about what you can expect to pay as an intended parent when you work with American Surrogacy here.

It’s one of the biggest questions that intended parents have: How much does surrogacy cost in Kansas?

Intended parents ask this question for several reasons. They may be deciding whether surrogacy is the right financial move for them after years of infertility treatments. They may be starting to save for their eventual surrogacy journey. Or, they may be wondering whether the cost of surrogacy in Kansas is any cheaper than the costs of surrogacy in bigger states in the U.S.

Asking questions about the price of surrogacy in Kansas (or anywhere else in the U.S.) is an important step for any intended parent, no matter where they live. After all, surrogacy is a big financial commitment, and you’ll want to make sure your family can afford these costs — as well as the costs you’ll incur once you bring your little bundle of joy home!

At American Surrogacy, we work hard to ensure that the costs of our surrogacy program are transparent from start to finish. Our specialists are always here to help explain how the surrogacy cost in Kansas breaks down, including what different surrogacy expenses you will be expected to pay for as an intended parent.

Because every intended parent’s surrogacy journey is unique, we encourage you to contact our surrogacy professionals for the most accurate estimate for your upcoming family-building journey.

In the meantime, you can learn more about the price of surrogacy with our agency below.

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Kansas?

Because many costs vary across the country, it’s normal for people to wonder whether the cost of surrogacy in Kansas is different than the cost of surrogacy anywhere else. However, in most cases, how much surrogacy is in Kansas is very comparable to how much surrogacy is in other areas of the United States: $100,000–$140,000.

No matter where you are, many aspects of a surrogacy journey cost about the same.

Because American Surrogacy is a national surrogacy agency, our surrogacy program costs apply to people all over the country — not just in Kansas, where our headquarters are.

So, how much does surrogacy cost in Kansas when you work with American Surrogacy?

For a total organization fee of $25,500, our surrogacy specialists will:

When you choose to work with our agency, our program fees cover a range of services. In many ways, our agency can be your “one-stop shop” for your family-building process.

Unlike other surrogacy professionals, our agency fees are fixed; costs for services like matching, screening and support remain unchanged, no matter how many matches you go through or how long it takes to complete your entire surrogacy process.

In addition to the services covered by our agency program, you should also be prepared for pay for an insurance plan and medical costs for the gestational carrier, legal services for both you and your surrogate, and surrogate compensation. How much you will pay for these Kansas surrogacy expenses will depend upon the professionals you select and your surrogate’s preferences.

Because certain costs in your surrogacy journey can be so variable, our surrogacy specialists try to provide conservative cost estimates to intended parents. That way, you will be prepared for the “worst-case” scenario, as it were.

How Much Does a Surrogate Cost in Kansas?

When it comes to surrogacy costs, many intended parents worry about the costs of surrogate compensation. They often ask our specialists: “What is the surrogate mother cost in Kansas?”

At our agency, a surrogate’s compensation is based on several factors, most notably her experience with surrogacy. In general, this compensation averages $30,000 for first-time surrogates — but, if you find yourself working with a family or friend, you may find that number to be open to negotiation. Surrogate compensation is only paid out once a healthy pregnancy is confirmed.

Compensation can be one of the more variable aspects of total surrogacy cost from state to state. Certain states do not allow for compensated surrogacy, which means surrogacy in those states may be cheaper. Some of these same states prohibit surrogacy completely — so, while you may be saving on surrogacy costs, your family-building process involves more legal risk.

At American Surrogacy, we believe every woman has the right to be compensated for her surrogacy services, so we set the same base compensation across all states (as long as legally acceptable). Therefore, intended parents who work with our agency should be prepared for these costs.

Again, for more information on this aspect of your Kansas surrogacy costs, please speak with our surrogacy professionals.

Factors that May Impact Your Total Cost of Surrogacy in Kansas

When learning about the average price of surrogacy in Kansas, you should be aware there are a few things that may impact your overall surrogacy cost.

As mentioned above, the professionals you choose to work with will play a huge factor in what you pay as an intended parent, but there are a few other considerations to make:

  • Gestational surrogacy cost versus traditional surrogacy cost: If you wish to work with a surrogacy agency, you will need to complete a gestational surrogacy — one in which the carrier is not genetically related to the baby she carries. While gestational surrogacy does require additional medical procedures of IVF to create embryos, a gestational surrogacy is much safer — legally and ethically — than a traditional surrogacy. Any medical costs you may save with a traditional surrogacy will often be made up for in the complicated legal steps ahead.
  • Agency-assisted versus independent surrogacy: The Kansas surrogacy costs can be expensive no matter which route you take. When you work with an agency, your costs will be expected upfront with agency fees. When you work independently, you will often pay the same amount (or more) for a la carte services from professionals.
  • Identified surrogacy: If you have already found a surrogate to carry your baby, you do not need to pay for advertising fees as other intended parents might need to. In fact, if you have already identified a gestational carrier, our agency offers a discount on your surrogacy costs to reflect those services you do not need.

The cost for surrogacy in Kansas can be overwhelming, and we know that you may need time to think about what is right for your family before moving forward. Know that the specialists at American Surrogacy are always here to answer your questions about Kansas surrogacy costs and fundraising for your surrogacy journey.

For more information, please contact our agency today.