Surrogate Mother Requirements in Missouri: What to Know

What does it take to become a gestational carrier? What exactly are the surrogacy requirements in Missouri? Find the answers to these questions and more here.

You know that surrogacy can be a complicated process and that it’s not always the right path for everyone. So, what exactly are the requirements to become a surrogate mother in Missouri — and do you meet them?

Here at American Surrogacy, we know how exciting it can be to contemplate carrying a child for someone else. If you’re like other prospective surrogates, this is something you’ve been thinking about and been excited about for a while. You may even be ready to start your surrogacy journey today!

We’re excited for you, too — but it’s important that you first learn about the surrogate mother requirements in Missouri before you make any life-changing decisions.

Whether you choose to work on your own or with an agency, you will always need to meet necessary surrogacy requirements before you are able to move forward. This may seem like a hassle if you are already committed to becoming a gestational carrier — but it’s a crucially important step to ensure you are taking the path that is right for you and your family. Your safety will always be our utmost concern, which is why we make sure you meet the criteria to be a surrogate before you even begin.

But, how exactly do we determine who can be a surrogate in Missouri? How do you know if you can be a surrogate in the Show Me State?

Our specialists are also always available to answer your questions when you give them a call at 1-800-875-BABY(2229). In the meantime, here are the three steps you will take to ensure you meet our program’s qualifications for being a surrogate in Missouri:

Step 1: Meet Our Program’s Gestational Surrogate Requirements.

When you first contact our agency, our specialists will ask you to fill out a basic application online. This application will help us get to know you a bit better, but it also serves as a way for us to determine whether you meet the basic criteria for becoming a surrogate mother in Missouri with our agency.

You see, surrogacy professionals have created a general list of requirements for becoming a surrogate mother in Missouri and throughout the United States. These requirements are the basic criteria to ensure that you can safely and ethically pursue the surrogacy process.

So, what are the qualifications for being a surrogate in Missouri with American Surrogacy?

  • Be between the ages of 21 and 38
  • BMI between 19 and 32
  • Have at least one successful pregnancy, but no more than five vaginal deliveries or four cesarean-sections
  • Be raising a child in your own home
  • Have waited at least six months since your last delivery
  • No major complications from previous pregnancies
  • Not receiving state assistance
  • No tattoos or piercings in the last six months
  • Not using anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication for at least 12 months

These are just the basic qualifications for being a surrogate in Missouri. However, exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis, so contact our surrogacy specialists today to learn more about how your personal situation may impact your eligibility.

Step 2: Meet With Our Surrogacy Professionals.

If you meet these basic gestational carrier qualifications, your surrogacy specialist will send you additional forms to fill out. These will be your medical and social history forms. You will use them to go into more detail about your personal background, including circumstances that may affect your ability to become a gestational carrier.

Your surrogacy specialist will review these forms with you and ask any additional questions he or she may have before you can proceed.

During this time, your surrogacy specialist will also run background checks on you and your spouse and schedule an in-home assessment with a licensed social worker (to ensure a safe home environment during your pregnancy and get to know your family a little better). 

Many prospective surrogates are initially overwhelmed at the steps required to be eligible for surrogacy with our agency. We completely understand; however, these processes are necessary to ensure your safety should you continue on to being a gestational carrier.

The requirements for being a surrogate in Missouri with our agency each serve a specific purpose — and reduce the risks and liabilities that you could experience moving forward.

Step 3: Complete Medical and Psychological Screening.

The final step in meeting our gestational surrogate requirements is to complete two different screenings: medical and psychological. Both of these will be the final confirmation that you are eligible and prepared for the challenges and rewards of becoming a gestational carrier.

First, you (and your spouse, if applicable) will complete a psychological screening by a mental health professional. This screening will involve a discussion of several aspects of the surrogacy process, including topics like how you might feel during pregnancy and after delivery and how you would respond to certain “what-ifs” during the process. The mental health professional will ensure that you and your family are all comfortable with the risks and requirements for surrogacy in Missouri before he or she clears you for the surrogacy process.

Once you have matched with intended parents, you will complete your medical screening. This will make sure that it is still medically safe for you to undergo the embryo transfer process and carry a child for someone else.

Your medical screening will be completed at your intended parents’ fertility clinic (they will pay for any travel costs and lost wages for this appointment). During this screening, a doctor will typically:

  • Review your personal and sexual history
  • Complete a physical exam, including an examination of your uterus
  • Test your blood and urine

If, after this screening, you still meet all of the medical criteria to be a surrogate, your doctor will approve you for the upcoming embryo transfer process — and you will be one step closer to carrying your intended parents’ baby!

If you still have questions about Missouri surrogacy requirements after reading this article, know that this is completely normal. Exceptions may be made based on your personal circumstances; only a medical professional can determine whether or not you are ready for the surrogacy process.

In the meantime, to talk with a surrogacy specialist about your personal health history and circumstances, don’t hesitate to call 1-800-875-BABY(2229) today.