How to Become a Surrogate in Colorado

Becoming a surrogate can be a positive step in your life, and you can help a family make their dreams come true. Learn how to become a surrogate mother in Colorado here.

Seeing the fulfillment a child can bring to a family and the changes in your life that have come through surrogacy can be beautiful. Learn how to become a surrogate in Colorado now by contacting a surrogacy specialist.

How Can I Become a Surrogate in Colorado?

Becoming a surrogate in Colorado can be the start of a beautiful journey, and our surrogacy specialists are here to make the process as safe and simple as possible for you.

The steps of how to become a surrogate in Colorado begin with a simple screening, and when you become a surrogate mother in Colorado, you can get compensated for helping a family fulfill a beautiful dream of growing their family. Read on to learn more about the steps below.

Qualifications to Become a Surrogate in Colorado

Before you begin the surrogacy process, there are some basic requirements of surrogates that help assure safety, including:

1. Age

Being a healthy age for a safe pregnancy can reduce the chances of complications during pregnancy and birth.

2. Previous Birth

A history of a healthy pregnancy and birth can also help assure that you will have less of a chance of complications during your pregnancy.

3. Currently Raising a Child

Having your own child you are raising at home means that you understand the meaning and impact of giving birth and raising a child, and you are ready to help another family have what you have.

How to Apply to be a Surrogate in Colorado

If you meet the basic requirements to become a surrogate, the next step in the process of becoming a surrogate in Colorado is to apply to be a surrogate. You can get started by calling our surrogacy specialists or clicking here.

1. Get Screened

As you apply for surrogacy in Colorado, our surrogacy specialists will ask you basic questions, then you will complete additional steps, like filling out a more complete medical history and undergoing a background check.

When your initial screening is complete, you will be put into a pool of surrogate candidates that are ready to be matched.

2. Get Matched

The matching process is a collaborative process between you and your surrogacy specialist

Your surrogacy specialist will listen to your needs and the needs of each family who is looking for a surrogate and will share profiles with you of families who share your goals.

When both you and an intended family are excited about meeting each other, your surrogacy specialist will help you set up meetings, and if all goes well, you will continue on the journey together.

3. Legal Process

After you find a great match to become a surrogate for, your surrogacy specialist will connect you with a legal professional to help you need to make an agreement with the family about how the surrogacy journey will work, and you will go through a final, more thorough medical exam to ensure you are healthy and ready for a pregnancy.

4. Medical Process of Surrogacy Begins

Once you have an agreement with your chosen family and your medical clearance goes through, you can begin the medical process of surrogacy. Once pregnancy begins, you are officially a surrogate!

Is it Easy to Become a Surrogate Mother in Colorado?

To be a surrogate in Colorado, you won’t need any specialized knowledge or experience, and you will be fully supported throughout your journey, but you will also need to meet several requirements to begin the process.

It will likely take some time and effort on your part to complete paperwork, get screened, and complete the journey, which is why we offer surrogate compensation of up to $60,000 or more to surrogates who complete the journey with American Surrogacy.

How to Apply to be a Surrogate in Colorado Now

You can get more information from a surrogacy specialist and apply to become a surrogate in Colorado now when you click here.