How to Become a Surrogate in Arkansas [6 Steps]

Discover how you can become a surrogate in Arkansas with a few simple steps. The road to surrogacy is different for everyone, but follow our guidelines to decide if it is the right choice for you.

Begin the journey to becoming a surrogate mother in Arkansas. Through American Surrogacy, we have made the process as simple as possible. Our surrogacy specialists are ready to help you when you’re ready.

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The choice to become a surrogate is a decision that takes time and care to make. For those who are just considering becoming a surrogate in Arkansas, you may have a lot of questions about the process from how to get started to what happens after you give birth. Let us help you with the six simple steps to become a surrogate in Arkansas.

Step 1: Connect with American Surrogacy

American Surrogacy is here for you. We understand the selfless and ambitious decision to become a surrogate mother in Arkansas. Our surrogacy professionals are ready to begin assisting you from intake form all the way to giving birth.

We will go over some basic questions to help us determine how to support you and lead up to the screening process. Our team has decades of perfecting he process and want to give you the best possible experience with becoming a surrogate in Arkansas.

Step 2: Go through the Screening Process

Surrogacy agencies will provide a thorough screening service to gather information about your health and lifestyle. The screening process to become a surrogate mother in Arkansas will include a background check, medical and mental evaluation and in-home assessment. These can help you with the decision to become a surrogate and make a profound impact on intended families. The type of information gathered includes:

 Self-disclosed medical, social and drug history
-Medical records provided by a physician
-Birth records from previous pregnancies
 Federal and state criminal background checks

Step 3: Find a Surrogacy Match in Arkansas

One of the most magical parts of the surrogate process is finding the family you will be gifting a child. You will get to review profiles of different intended families. You can choose an intended family based on location and your personal preferences to help create a high-quality partnership. Having a meaningful relationship between the surrogate and the intended parents can help to create a positive surrogacy experience.

Step 4: Draft Legal Contract

While becoming a surrogate in Arkansas, it is important to have counsel to represent you throughout the process. Your attorney will assist in drafting a legal contract in accordance with the attorney of the intended parents. This contract will outline potential roles and responsibilities. The contract helps keep your surrogacy experience a positive one, as it helps make expectations for each party clear.

Step 5: Medical Process to Become a Surrogate

As you prepare to become a surrogate in Arkansas, you will likely start fertility treatments. This includes blood tests, injections and medication. The next step is the transfer of the embryo. The egg of a donor or the intended mother will be fertilized in a lab by the intended father or donor’s sperm.

After incubation, the embryo will be transferred to your uterus. After the medical process, you will need to take time to rest. It is likely you will be required to stay at the clinic for a few hours and will then need to rest for a few days after implantation.

Step 6: Bring Life into the World

Giving birth to a bundle of joy for someone’s family is such a joy. It’s bittersweet to come to the end of your surrogacy journey. Be sure to take the time to let your body rest and fully recover. Offering this selfless gift of parenthood is life-changing for everyone involved and a choice you can be proud of.

Do you feel ready to become a surrogate in Arkansas? American Surrogacy is ready to help. Fill out our quick and free form and get started today.