How to Find the Best Surrogacy Agency in Alabama

When you work with a top surrogacy agency in Alabama, you can rest assured that someone has your best interests at heart. American Surrogacy does just that.

When you work with a top surrogacy agency in Alabama, you can rest assured that someone has your best interests at heart. 

Our team of surrogacy specialists is ready to guide you through the process, answer any burning questions you may have and be the sounding board for your worries or concerns as you begin the process.

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Thoroughly Screened Surrogates and Intended Families

This is a huge commitment and we want to match surrogates and intended families with the right candidates. Alabama surrogacy agencies will ask questions and have you go through a detailed process to ensure you meet the requirements associated with surrogacy. At American Surrogacy, we make sure to extensively screen any candidates who want to go through surrogacy.

Shortest Wait Times

One of the perks of working with a surrogacy agency in Alabama is the network of surrogates and intended families. We have the highest-trafficked surrogacy sites on the internet, which means we are able to reach a wider network of surrogates so that intended parents can find their perfect surrogacy match in a shorter amount of time.

Because we successfully manage our client list, we can connect intended parents with their perfect surrogate match in an average of 30-90 days.

Personal Support and Guidance through the Process

You may experience a spectrum of emotions throughout your surrogacy journey. We want your experience through surrogacy to be one full of excitement and joy. Our surrogacy specialists ensure you receive personal support throughout the entire process. Your Alabama surrogacy agency specialists will be directly involved through each step, helping you decide what is right for you or your family, finding the right matches who meet your preferences and goals, and overseeing the egg, sperm and embryo donations.

Fixed Fees

It’s important to know how much surrogacy will cost and how much surrogates will be compensated. With American Surrogacy, we offer our clients clarity about how much they will spend on the process. Our surrogacy specialists will make sure intended parents and surrogates have a clear idea of budget and pay when it comes to being matched so no one leaves the table feeling disappointed or defeated in the process. We also include a Parent Protection Fee. This includes:

  • Covering unlimited matches and embryo transfer until a baby is born.

  • If you have no embryos remaining and a baby was not born, we will provide a full refund of many of the largest fees associated with the process, like the Marketing and Advertising Fee, Match Fee and Intended Parent Legal Fee.

  • Fixing as many variable costs as possible, allows you to better budget for your journey.

Access to Qualified Alabama ART Attorneys and Fertility Clinics

If you're an intended parent pursuing surrogacy in Alabama, it's important to work with a qualified surrogacy attorney who can help you navigate your state's surrogacy and reproductive laws. Following the Alabama Supreme Court ruling that frozen embryos can be considered children, it's important to be legally protected on your surrogacy journey.

If you're an Alabama resident and have frozen embryos left over from previous IVF attempts or you intend to freeze your embryos when you pursue surrogacy, you should partner with a local surrogacy attorney before proceeding with your journey. They can help you determine the best course of action in your current situation and review your options for unused embryos.

If you have concerns about IVF in Alabama or cannot find a provider in your area, we can connect with a fertility clinic in a state near you such as Tennessee, Florida or Georgia.

It may be intimidating to find a qualified surrogacy attorney on your own. However, working with a surrogacy agency in Alabama can help you connect with qualified counsel to assist with the legal process of surrogacy. We have a vast network of attorneys who meet our ethical standards to help you with the legal process. Many of the attorneys in our network specialize in reproductive technologies and are members of the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys (AAAA).

We're Here for You

Our team at American Surrogacy wants you to get the most out of this experience while feeling safe and secure in your decision. Through over 30 years of experience in family building, we’ve had the pleasure of helping create over 5,000 families. We place a high value on your safety and security and use our resources to give you the best experience in your surrogacy journey.

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