How to Find a Surrogate in Missouri

With our unique matching program and short wait times, we know what it takes to help fast track your journey to becoming parents.

Finding a surrogate in The Show-Me State is now more accessible than ever. We strive to keep our wait times low because we understand that you’ve waited long enough to experience the joys of parenthood.

Our streamlined surrogacy process, combined with our dedicated team, ensures you receive a transparent and secure roadmap towards having the family you've always dreamed of. With over 30 years of family-building experience, we can  help you finally become parents.

To find a surrogate online, view our available surrogate situations page or fill out our form to speak with a specialist.

How to Find a Surrogate in Missouri

Our team is committed to guiding you through every phase of the surrogacy process. From your initial consultation to helping you find pre-screened surrogates, we deliver tailored support to ensure a seamless and expedited path to parenthood.

"They were already ready for us to meet someone on the phone within a few weeks. Once we signed with American Surrogacy, I had profiles to look through a day or two later."

- Gilad,



We know how long you’ve been waiting to have the family of your dreams. That's why we prioritize efficiency without sacrificing quality, offering you the quickest route to parenthood possible. You can savor the joys of parenthood sooner than you ever dreamed possible.

5 Steps to Finding the Right Match

Find a qualified surrogate match


Sign your surrogacy contract

How Long Does it Take to Find a Surrogate in Missouri?

Within just 30-90 days on average, you can find a surrogate in Mississippi. Our low wait times grant you more cherished moments with your child on holidays, birthdays and special occasions. Not every agency will prioritize your time with as much commitment.

Our 1:1 intended parent-to-surrogate ratio ensures minimal wait times, propelling you towards your dream family. Here’s how we keep our wait times low without sacrificing high-quality service:

How We Keep Wait Times Low

Our marketing efforts ensure that we reach more potential surrogates in the shortest amount of time. Our national reach lets us find more surrogates, helping you get that much closer to experiencing the joys of parenthood. 

A Balanced List

Unlike other agencies, we maintain a 1:1 intended parents-to-surrogates ratio by managing our intended parents list. You don’t deserve to wait any longer to become a parent and our mission is to prioritize your needs throughout every step of your journey.

A Thorough, Streamlined Screening Process

No matter who you choose as your match, all the surrogates in our program are fully screened and ready to help make your dreams of parenthood come true. Our screening process allows us to streamline the screening process without having to sacrifice quality. 

To start your journey down the quickest path to parenthood, contact us online now to connect with a specialist.

How Much Does it Cost to Find a Surrogate Mother in Missouri?

We are committed to transparency in our fee structure, providing a fixed surrogacy cost that includes all the necessary services for a secure and successful journey. Our services are designed to streamline the process, helping to fulfill your dreams of starting a family that much sooner.

Our fixed fee structure consists of two installments, with the initial payment due upon activation. This installment includes services aimed at expediting the process, such as:

  • Marketing and advertising: To reach more surrogates across the U.S. helping to shorten the amount of time it takes to find a match.

  • Surrogate screening:  To expedite the matching process without compromising quality and compatibility of surrogates.

  • Parent protection fee: To protect your investment no matter what twists and turns you encounter in the process.

The second payment will be due once you find a surrogate in Missouri and include:

  • Match fee

  • Surrogate compensation

  • Legal fees

  • Travel expenses and lodging

  • Insurance premiums (if needed)

  • Prenatal expenses

How We Protect Your Budget

Understanding the substantial investment involved in the journey to parenthood, we provide Parent Protection Fee to safeguard your investment. In case of an unsuccessful journey, a significant portion of your investment is refunded. Our Parent Protection Fee also offers unlimited matching; helping you find the perfect match no matter how many tries it takes.

How Do I Find a Surrogate Near Me?

Understanding the significance of finding a surrogate nearby during the surrogacy process, we prioritize locating surrogates in your state whenever possible. However, remaining open to surrogates from out-of-state can expedite wait times and enhance your chances of finding the perfect match.

With our extensive network and meticulous screening process, we can help you find a surrogate from anywhere in the country. This guarantees that regardless of location, you're matched with a surrogate who aligns with your values, goals and expectations for the journey ahead.

Visit Our Office in Missouri

As a national agency, we provide services to intended parents and surrogates across the country, including Missouri. Although our main headquarters are located directly across Missouri State line in Kansas, we have an office conveniently located in your state to offer local support and guidance.


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Next Steps After Finding a Surrogate

After finding a surrogate in Missouri, you’ll be asked to connect us with your fertility clinic so that we can send them the surrogate’s information for review. If the clinic approves, they will send her your details. If she expresses mutual interest, you’ll be able to get to know each other over a Zoom call. If both of you want to move forward together, you can officially accept the match.

If you don’t have a clinic or embryos created, you will want to start that process as soon as possible because a match cannot be finalized until then. Your dedicated surrogacy specialist will be there to help you find a reputable clinic via our extensive network of professionals or you can explore clinics in your state below:

If you've already completed this crucial step and have embryos prepared, we encourage you to contact us as soon. Having embryos created in advance accelerates the matching process, expediting your connection with a surrogate.

Have Embryos Created?

Apply now to match with a surrogate!

Reaching out to us brings you closer to fulfilling your dream of starting a family, and our dedicated team is here to provide unwavering support every step of the way.

Other Things to Know About Surrogacy in Missouri

In Missouri, surrogacy remains a largely unregulated area of law. While there are no specific statutes governing surrogacy arrangements, the state generally recognizes and enforces surrogacy agreements. However, it's crucial for intended parents and surrogates to navigate this legal landscape carefully and ensure that all parties are protected throughout the process.

Consulting with a knowledgeable legal professional who specializes in reproductive law is highly recommended to understand the nuances of surrogacy in Missouri. We can connect you with a legal professional in our network or you can find one in your state below:

Establishing Parentage

Missouri does not currently grant parentage orders in surrogacy arrangements. While surrogacy agreements are generally recognized and enforced, intended parents may need to pursue alternative legal avenues to establish their parental rights.

This often involves a more complex legal process compared to states where parentage orders are routinely granted. Experienced legal professionals specializing in reproductive law can help you navigate the intricacies of surrogacy and ensure that your parental rights are protected.

FAQs About Finding a Surrogate in Missouri
How Do I Find a Surrogate Mother for Free?

While the idea of finding a surrogate free may seem appealing, you may risk working with a surrogate who may not be qualified. Even if you choose to find a surrogate independently, there are expenses that may be associated with screening and finding a surrogate.

When you find a surrogate with us, you can count on working with a surrogate that’s screened and ready to start the process.

Can I Find a Surrogate Online?

Yes, surrogates have created profiles available for you to view on our surrogate situations page. If for some reason you can’t find a surrogate you’re compatible with on our site, reach out to us and we can help connect you with surrogates in our network.

Is it Hard to Find a Surrogate in Missouri?

We know that you’ve been waiting long enough to start your family. With our secure, fully-vetted matching process, you’ll find comfort knowing we make the process easy. You can find a surrogate with our agency within an average of 30-90 days, thanks to our 1:1 intended parents-to-surrogate ratio.

What is the Best Place to Find a Surrogate?

The best place to find a surrogate is through an agency. Surrogacy agencies like ours are able to provide the best possible support and personalized service throughout the process. Your choice in agency can make or break your entire experience and with us, you can count on finding a qualified surrogate in the shortest amount of time.

Can I Find a Surrogate Mother for a Gay Couple?

Yes, finding a surrogate as a LGBT couple is now more possible than ever. Whether you’re a same-sex male couple or a same-sex female couple facing fertility challenges, we can help you find a surrogate that not only matches your preferences, but who’s also screened and ready to help make your dreams of starting a family come true.

Does Missouri Allow Surrogacy?

Yes, surrogacy is allowed in The Show-Me State. With Missouri being considered a “green light” state, you’ll be on the right track toward having the family of your dreams.

Ready to have the family of your dreams? Fill out our form or call us at 1-800-875-BABY (2229).