How Much Do Surrogates Make in Wichita?

We're dedicated to helping you earn compensation that can change your life. Your role in this process is nothing short of heroic, and with us you'll have no problem being one of the highest-paid surrogates in Kansas.

In the Air Capitol of the World, you have the chance to embark on a rewarding journey as a surrogate and contribute to the joy of building families.

In Wichita, you can earn $50,000 - $110,000+ in surrogate pay for making a meaningful impact on the lives of others.

I wanted to help someone in a way that not many can and really impact their lives and my life too. If I can do both those things and get paid while doing it, why not?


- Jade,


As one of the highest-paying surrogacy agencies in the ICT, we know what it takes to help you earn the compensation you deserve for your role in helping others on their path to parenthood. To learn more about your surrogate pay potential, fill out our form.

How Much Do Surrogates Make in Wichita?

Surrogates in Wichita earn compensation ranging from $50,000 - $110,000+. We understand the valuable service you’re providing to help others build their families, and we’re committed to ensuring that you receive the pay that you rightfully deserve.

Your earning potential will depend on:

  • Whether you’re a first or second-time surrogate

  • The cost of living in Wichita

  • The agency you choose to work with

Settling for less is not an option – the gift you’re giving is priceless, but the value of your role in this life-changing process deserves high-end compensation.

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What’s Included in Surrogate Pay?

We take pride in offering a competitive surrogate compensation package that truly values your dedication to the surrogacy process. Here’s what you can expect:

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Total Compensation:

$50,000 - $110,000+

What's Included:
Base Pay
Think of base pay like your surrogate salary. This payment is deposited monthly once a pregnancy is confirmed, and it is entirely yours to use however you choose!
Pre-Pregnancy Payments:
  • Monthly Allowance
  • Start of Medications Bonus
  • Mock Cycle Payment
  • Travel Expenses
  • Signing Bonus
  • Social Work Screening Bonus
  • Medical Screening Bonus
Pregnancy Payments:
  • Start of Base Pay
  • Transfer Payment
  • Maternity Clothes
  • 3rd Trimester Self Care
  • Medical Procedures Bonus
  • C-Section Payment (if required)
  • Multiples Bonus
  • Bed Rest Coverage
Post-Pregnancy Payments:
  • Post-Pregnancy Self Care
  • Pumping Breast Milk (if agreed upon)
  • Counseling Costs (if needed)
  • Lost Wages
  • Spouse Lost Wages
Additional Benefits:
  • Personal Gifts
  • Referral Bonus
  • Life Insurance & Complications Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Housekeeping Payments
  • Family Meal Payments

The Highest-Paying Surrogacy Agencies in Wichita

The key to maximizing your surrogate compensation starts with choosing the right agency. Partnering with us brings you one step closer to life-changing pay that can positively impact your family's future. If this isn’t your first surrogacy journey, then you can earn higher pay ranging from $60,000 - $110,000+ for your dedication to helping someone on their path to parenthood.

Our commitment revolves around ensuring you receive unparalleled compensation, recognizing the significance of your role. Here are some of the highest-paying surrogacy agencies in Wichita:

Surrogacy AgenciesCompensation
American Surrogacy$50,000 - $110,000+
Golden SurrogacyStarts at $50,000
Circle Surrogacy$35,000-$50,000

To learn more about our commitment to getting you the best surrogate pay possible, speak with a specialist today.

How to Become a Paid Surrogate in Wichita

Earning surrogate compensation in Wichita has never been easier. We create a seamless and efficient process, guided by our committed specialists who will assist you at every turn. With over 40 years of experience building families, we have created an easy application process to safeguard your valuable time.

To become a compensated surrogate in Wichita, here are some steps you’ll need to take:

  • Step 1: Complete our easy surrogate application form

  • Step 2: Undergo our efficient surrogate screening process

  • Step 3: Find the perfect match and establish a surrogacy contract

  • Step 4: Experience pregnancy and start earning surrogate pay

  • Step 5: Create a family and welcome a new life into the world

"This journey was for the experience and then the financial compensation is definitely a plus for the future. That joy for the intended parents and the joy that you helped bring a family together, that was the best part"

- Allisandra,


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Being a nationwide surrogacy agency with our main office located near Wichita, we combine regional accessibility with extensive support. Our office, strategically positioned near the city's dynamic cultural landscape, gives you the benefits of a national agency closer to your local community.

Become one of the highest-paid surrogates in Wichita by visiting our office at the address below:

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Our Surrogacy Program

You deserve the exceptional surrogate compensation we provide, and the emotional rewards of surrogacy are equally beneficial. As a surrogate in Wichita, you'll experience:

What You Can Gain Through Our Program
  • A Fulfilling Sense of Purpose

    Contribute to others' joy in experiencing parenthood, fostering a profound sense of purpose

  • Personal Pride and Enhanced Surrogate Pay

    Take pride in earning competitive surrogate compensation, potentially improving your family's quality of life

  • Our Unwavering Commitment

    Experience our steadfast commitment from the initial contact, providing support and guidance consistently

  • A Journey of Self-Discovery

    Embark on a journey of self-discovery, gaining valuable insights into your own strengths and capabilities

  • Comprehensive Support

    Receive unwavering support at every stage of the surrogacy process, ensuring a positive, empowering experience

Other Things to Know About Becoming a Surrogate in Wichita

Surrogacy Laws and Legal Professionals

Compensated surrogacy in Kansas stands on solid legal ground, primarily due to the absence of statutes expressly prohibiting it. The legal landscape regarding surrogacy is permitted, as there are no specific laws in place that restrict or criminalize compensated surrogacy arrangements.

If you’re looking for a reputable surrogacy attorney in Wichita, we can connect you with one from our network of professionals or you can check out some in your area below:

  • Martin, Pringle, Oliver, Wallace and Bauer, L.L.P (Oldtown) – Martin Pringle’s adoption team is dedicated to helping you understand every aspect of surrogacy law in the state.

  • Franklin Law Office (Riverside) – Their goal is to provide a highly personalized, communicative, and mutually rewarding legal experience for all of ART clients.

Your Surrogacy Medical Professionals

In Wichita, you gain access to an extensive network of medical experts prepared to assist you in every facet of the surrogacy medical journey. With acclaimed fertility clinics and distinguished hospitals, Wichita offers a wealth of seasoned professionals who will seamlessly guide you through each stage of the process.

Fertility Clinics

  • The Center of Reproductive Medicine (Cottonwood Village) - As southern Kansas' only board-certified, fellowship-trained specialists in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, no other practice in the area can provide the level of experience you expect, and the options you deserve.


  • Wesley Medical Center (The Elm) - As your partner in care, Wesley provides a customized birthing experience that begins long before your first contraction and continues well after delivery.

FAQs About Surrogate Compensation in Wichita

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Why Do Surrogates Get Paid?

We take pride in providing top-tier surrogate pay rates, recognizing the time and effort you dedicate to the process. We believe that you not only deserve the utmost compensation, but it serves as a means to support both you and your family throughout the journey.

By receiving surrogate pay, you have the chance to be a hero within your own family, offering them opportunities that might not have been possible otherwise. 

Do Surrogates Pay Taxes in Wichita?

Your surrogate pay is regarded as personal income, making it subject to potential taxation. You'll need to include your surrogate compensation when completing your federal and state tax filings. If your surrogate income is taxed, the escrow company we partner with will issue a 1099 form.

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the tax implications related to your pay, we advise consulting with a certified public accountant (CPA).

How Much Do Surrogates Get Paid Monthly?

Your surrogate pay will be divided into 10 monthly installments. For example, if you’re making $60,000 in surrogate pay, then you’ll be paid $6,000 a month. 

Do Surrogates Get Paid if They Miscarry?

If a miscarriage occurs, you’ll stop receiving surrogate pay. You can decide when to start the medical process based on your agreement with the intended parents. Once a pregnancy is confirmed, your payments continue. We're here to make sure you get the surrogate pay you deserve, no matter what comes up during your surrogacy journey.

How Much Do Surrogates Make For Twins?

If you’re pregnant with multiples, you can earn $5,000 per multiple that you’re carrying. Although a multiples pregnancy isn’t common because of the risks involved, you’ll be compensated for the added complexities that come with carrying twins. 

To start getting the surrogate pay you deserve, fill out our form.