How to Find a Surrogate in Arizona

We know you’re tired of waiting to become a parent. Don't wait any longer than you have to. Take control and save time by working with us.


You’ve had to wait to experience what it’s like to be a parent for any number of reasons. You don’t need to wait any longer. Take the first steps to live out that dream of parenthood by finding a surrogate in Arizona.

By choosing to take the steps to find a surrogate, you’re taking control and saving time. Saving that precious time means more opportunities to create memories with your child.

Talk to a specialist today about finding a surrogate match that can open the door to parenthood.

How to Find a Surrogate in Arizona

Looking to find a surrogate?

Michael and Viet were able to find a surrogate within days of choosing American Surrogacy. 

The average time to find a surrogate through an agency can be as high as 2.5-4 years. You can join one of these agencies that means a longer time to experience what you’ve been dreaming of, but why would you want to?

Our short, industry-leading wait times are your quickest path to parenthood while getting the comprehensive support of a national agency. We’ve got all the services needed to complete your surrogacy under one roof.

3 Steps to Finding a Surrogate
  • Step 1: Find a Carrier with Our Surrogate Outreach Program

    With decades of experience in creating families, our surrogate outreach program advertises nationally, reaching tens of thousands of eyes per month with online and traditional avenues of marketing.

    Our surrogates go through an extensive screening process so you’ll know the surrogates you see are ready, physically and mentally.

    Your intended parent profile is another way we help match our surrogates and intended parents.  

  • Step 2: Get to Know Your Surrogate Through a Conference Call

    Once you find a surrogate in Arizona, we’ll connect you both to see if the match is a good fit.

    At this point, you can get to know the surrogate and ask any potential questions you may have that weren’t answered in their profile. 

  • Step 3: Solidify the Match with a Surrogacy Contract

    This is a required part of the process as surrogacy contracts outline what this surrogacy will look like from start to finish. It protects the rights of you and your surrogate which is why separate legal representation is required.


    Once the surrogacy contract is signed, the medical side of the journey with your surrogate can begin.

Learn more about these three steps can help you find the surrogate that will change your lives by filling out this form

How Long Does it Take to Find a Surrogate in Arizona?

Our industry-leading wait times mean you’ll find a surrogate match in Arizona in an average of just 30-90 days.  This means more holidays, more vacations and just more memories to create with your child, that much sooner.

We have the shortest wait times because of these three key factors:

Balanced List

 Many agencies will take in more families than they have surrogate. We maintain a 1:1 ratio of intended parents-to-surrogate ratio, placing your needs first so you can find the perfect surrogate. 


Our marketing reaches tens of thousands of eyes on a monthly basis, meaning more opportunities for you to find a surrogate in Arizona.


Our surrogates, and intended parents, are screened to ensure quality without compromising compatibility. 

Get the Support You Deserve

How Much Does it Cost to Find a Surrogate Mother in Arizona?

It costs $149,900 to find a surrogate in Arizona with us.

This is likely one of the biggest investments of your life, not just monetarily, but what it means for you and your family. That’s why our fixed-fee program is designed to break down our costs so that you know what you’re paying for.

These fixed-fees pay for everything you need beyond our surrogate matching services. Split into two payments, the first installment covers:

  • Marketing and advertising: By reaching a larger pool of surrogates, you can find your perfect match in a shorter amount of time.
  • Surrogate screening: All of our surrogates are thoroughly screened before they go active with our agency. This means when you find your perfect match, you can rest assured that they are highly-qualified.
  • Parent Protection Fee: Unlike other agencies, we protect your budget. You deserve to enjoy your surrogacy journey without worrying about financial disruptions.

While the second installment, due when you find the perfect match, addresses:

  • Match fees
  • Surrogate compensation
  • Intended parent and surrogate legal fees
  • Travel expenses and lodging
  • Insurance premiums (if needed)
  • Prenatal expenses

Our fixed-fees give you peace of mind knowing what you’re paying for and how much, knowing there aren’t hidden or additional costs.

Get started on the journey to parenthood today and contact us to learn more about how much it costs to find a surrogate.

How Do I Find a Surrogate Near Me?

When it comes to where you can find a surrogate, there are a few different ways you to do so:

  • Surrogacy agencies and matching professionals
  • Surrogacy clinics
  • Surrogacy attorneys
  • Networking with family and friends
  • Online support groups and classifieds

Although all of these options are ways to find a surrogate in Arizona, working with us means support at each step of the journey along with a surrogacy specialist to answer any questions or concerns.

We’ll show you profiles of surrogates in Arizona if finding a local surrogate is important to you. Since we are a national agency, we work with surrogates from all over the country. Being open to out-of-state surrogates can lead to shorter, average wait times.

"It was a really wonderful match, I wish all intended parents to have such a wonderful match like that."

- Michael,

an intended parent

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Next Steps After Finding a Surrogate

Why Does Choosing The Right Agency Matter?

Surrogacy is a beautiful journey, but it requires the guidance of seasoned experts to be successful. 

Finding the perfect match means you’re one step closer to being home with your child. But once you find that match, it can't become official until you have your embryos created with a fertility clinic.

If you already have your embryos created with a fertility clinic, get in touch with us. You can be matched much quicker if you find a match and have your embryos created.

Other Things to Know About Surrogacy in Arizona

Surrogacy is practiced in Arizona but make sure you are aware of their laws. Parentage orders, for example, are issued by the court if there’s a genetic connection but surrogacy contracts are void and unenforceable.

Some attorneys may or may not prepare surrogacy agreements while others instead put together letters of understanding or other agreements that touch on the fact that they are not legally enforceable.

Here are some surrogacy attorneys you can contact in Arizona to learn more about the process:

  • Lincoln & Welk, PLLC (Phoenix, Goodyear, Peoria): Their legal team has experience representing either party to a donor agreement, and will help negotiate, review and finalize the agreement on your behalf. They will work to ensure the agreement is uniquely tailored to fit your circumstances and intentions.
  • MyersStrickland, PLLC (Tucson, Scottsdale): MeyersStrickland has been at the forefront of representing intended parents using ART in Arizona.
  • Scottsdale Family Law (Scottsdale): With extensive trial experience, Scottsdale Family Law also has experience with  Assisted Reproductive Technology procedures and represented clients  in parentage-related court proceedings

Fertility Clinics

  • Fertility Treatment Center (Tempe): With an average of three pregnancies a day at the Fertility Treatment Center and over 80% of their patients achieving pregnancy, patients turn to the Fertility Treatment Center 14:1 times for their fertility needs.
  • Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists (Phoenix, Gilbert): With two clinic locations, ARMS helps people throughout the Phoenix metro and East Valley area overcome infertility and realize their dream of becoming a parent.
  • Southwest Fertility Center (Phoenix, Glendale): Southwest Fertility Center has been helping patients since 1980. They have non-discrimination policies in place and accept all patients regardless of their prior medical conditions or sexual orientation.
  • Bloom Reproductive Institute (Scottsdale, Chandler): During your initial appointment,  your medical and personal history will be reviewed. They will address any questions you may have related to your evaluation, the causes of infertility and all available treatment options. The next step may involve an ultrasound evaluation of the uterus, ovaries and pelvis and physical exam, along with further diagnostic testing for both partners as required based on information gathered from the initial visit.

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FAQ About Finding a Surrogate

Can I Choose to Have a Surrogate?

Yes, you can choose to have a surrogate. Surrogacy could be right for you for any number of reasons, from infertility, being single or being in a same-sex relationship that doesn’t allow for creating a biological child. Having a surrogate means growing your family.

Can I Find a Surrogate Mother for a Gay Couple?

Yes, you can find a surrogate mother for a gay couple. The surrogates we work with would love to be that piece to the puzzle to allow you to experience being a parent. We’ll match you with one that meets your preferences.

Is Arizona a Surrogacy-Friendly State?

Proceed with caution when considering surrogacy here. While it’s not necessarily friendly to surrogacy it’s still practiced. Contracts are void and unenforceable by statute which can complicate the process. Legal help is required in order to become parents in this state.

Is it Hard to Find a Surrogate in Arizona?

It’s not hard to find a surrogate near you in Arizona when you work with reputable professionals. We’ve helped create over 13,000 families and have decades of experience doing so.

We’ll help you find the perfect match quicker than any other agency on your way to living out your dreams of becoming parents.

Can I Find a Surrogate Online?

Yes, you can find a surrogate online but there are risks that come with doing so. The surrogate you find might be ineligible for surrogacy medically and it can take longer to find the perfect match.

What is the Best Place to Find a Surrogate?

The best place to find a surrogate is with us. With our 1:1 intended parent-to-surrogate ratio, we’ll help you find a match in an average of 30-90 days.

How Do I Find a Surrogate Mother for Free?

Although there is a cost that comes with surrogacy, our fixed fees ensure you know what you’re paying for upfront. You’re paying for the support, services and expertise of an agency that has decades of experience creating families, from the laws in the state you reside to helping you find the perfect match.

You can find a surrogate mother for free if you have a friend, family member, or even online, but there are inherent risks that come with it.

Finding a surrogate with us means having the comprehensive services of a full-service surrogacy agency. That also means finding a surrogate match quicker with our industry-leading wait times.