How Much Do Surrogates Make in Stockton?

Become Your Family’s Hero

With surrogate pay, you can change your and your family's life for the better. With us, you can count on being one of the highest-paid surrogates in California.

During the California Gold Rush, Stockton experienced a population boom from those flocking to the city with hopes of creating a better life for their family. As a surrogate, you can help others have the family they’ve always dreamed of, while earning compensation to enrich your own.

You can earn $50,000 - $110,000+ in Stockton and become one of the highest-paid surrogates for the valuable role you play in the process.

This journey was for the experience and then the financial compensation is definitely a plus for the future. That joy for the intended parents and the joy that you helped bring a family together, that was the best part.

- Allisandra,


With our unwavering support and 40 years of family-building experience, we make sure you get the compensation you deserve for the valuable service you’re providing. To find out how much surrogate pay you can earn, fill out our form.

How Much Do Surrogates Make in Stockton?

First-time surrogates in Stockton have the opportunity to earn pay ranging from $50,000 - $90,000+, while those who are second-time surrogates may be eligible for compensation ranging from $60,000 - $110,000+. 

Your earning potential depends on:

  • Cost of living in Stockton

  • Your current income

  • The agency you work with

You’re a hero for helping create families, and we take pride in providing exceptional surrogate compensation that recognizes your unwavering dedication to the surrogacy journey. At American Surrogacy, we celebrate your valuable role in making dreams come true.

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What’s Included in Surrogate Pay?

Our surrogate compensation package stands out as one of the best in the market, ensuring that you can fully embrace your surrogacy journey without concerns about expenses. This comprehensive package covers all your pregnancy and surrogacy-related costs, including maternity clothes and lost wages. Rest assured, with us, you can experience peace of mind, knowing that you’ll be financially stable throughout your entire journey and beyond.

See Our Surrogate Compensation Breakdown


Total Compensation:

$50,000 - $110,000+

What's Included:
Base Pay
Think of base pay like your surrogate salary. This payment is deposited monthly once a pregnancy is confirmed, and it is entirely yours to use however you choose!
Pre-Pregnancy Payments:
  • Monthly Allowance
  • Start of Medications Bonus
  • Mock Cycle Payment
  • Travel Expenses
  • Signing Bonus
  • Social Work Screening Bonus
  • Medical Screening Bonus
Pregnancy Payments:
  • Start of Base Pay
  • Transfer Payment
  • Maternity Clothes
  • 3rd Trimester Self Care
  • Medical Procedures Bonus
  • C-Section Payment (if required)
  • Multiples Bonus
  • Bed Rest Coverage
Post-Pregnancy Payments:
  • Post-Pregnancy Self Care
  • Pumping Breast Milk (if agreed upon)
  • Counseling Costs (if needed)
  • Lost Wages
  • Spouse Lost Wages
Additional Benefits:
  • Personal Gifts
  • Referral Bonus
  • Life Insurance & Complications Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Housekeeping Payments
  • Family Meal Payments

The Highest-Paying Surrogacy Agencies in Stockton

We ensure that you always receive top-tier pay, leaving no room for anything less than the best. You’re the missing piece to someone finally experiencing the joys of parenthood and you shouldn't settle for an agency that offers anything less than what you truly deserve.

To become one of the highest-paid surrogates in Stockton, consider working with the following agencies:

Surrogacy AgenciesCompensation
American Surrogacy$50,000 - $110,000+
Family Tree Surrogacy CenterUp to $72,000
Conceive AbilitiesUp to $80,000

How to Become a Paid Surrogate in Stockton

Embarking on the surrogacy journey with us in California’s Sunrise Seaport ensures a seamless and efficient experience. Our dedicated specialists are ready to guide you through every stage, coming from over four decades of experience in building families. We’re committed to ensuring that you encounter the best version of the surrogacy process in Stockton for your heroic decision to become a surrogate.

To start receiving surrogate compensation in Stockton, here are the steps you'll need to take:


3 Advantages of Choosing Us for Your Surrogacy Journey

Find out how we can help you change someone's life.

Visit Our Office Near You

In Stockton, our services extend far and wide, offering comprehensive support to ensure an efficient process for all parties involved. We seamlessly blend national expertise with local convenience, providing unmatched support and a vast network of professionals prepared to help you at every stage of the surrogacy process.

We’re committed to guiding you through this journey with expertise and care, tailoring the best possible version for your unique experience in Port City. Visit our office to begin your journey:


7257 N Maple Ave


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Our Surrogacy Program

Our program guarantees you receive continuous support from a responsive staff, available to assist you at every step of your surrogacy journey. Acknowledging the heroism in your surrogacy experience, our program provides you with the opportunity to gain:

What You Can Gain Through Our Program
  • A Fulfilling Sense of Purpose

    Contribute to others' joy in experiencing parenthood, fostering a profound sense of purpose

  • Personal Pride and Enhanced Surrogate Pay

    Take pride in earning competitive surrogate compensation, potentially improving your family's quality of life

  • Our Unwavering Commitment

    Experience our steadfast commitment from the initial contact, providing support and guidance consistently

  • A Journey of Self-Discovery

    Embark on a journey of self-discovery, gaining valuable insights into your own strengths and capabilities

  • Comprehensive Support

    Receive unwavering support at every stage of the surrogacy process, ensuring a positive, empowering experience

Other Things to Know About Becoming a Surrogate in Stockton

Surrogacy Laws and Legal Professionals

Compensated surrogacy is legally permitted in California, governed by California Family Law Sections 7960 – 7962 (2013). These statutes provide the legal framework for surrogacy arrangements, outlining the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved. Additionally, California has established a solid legal foundation for compensated surrogacy through significant case law, such as Johnson v. Calvert (1993) and Buzzanca v. Buzzanca (1998).

We can help you find an attorney who can explain the legalities of surrogacy in your state or you can check out some attorney’s below:

  • The Wald Law Group (San Francisco) - Once you have matched with a surrogate, The Wald Law Group focuses on providing the best long-term legal protection to the intended parents, the surrogate, and the child, regardless of the state in which the baby is born.

  • Shelley M. Tarnoff (Oakland) – 30+ years of experience building and protecting families and is the leader in California surrogacy law.

Your Surrogacy Medical Professionals

In Stockton, you have a wide range of professionals available to guide you through every aspect of the surrogacy medical process. Committed to standing by your side, these medical experts are here to ensure you grasp the intricacies of the surrogacy journey.

Choosing to work with us  means gaining access to top-tier fertility clinics and hospitals, all prepared to provide unwavering support throughout your surrogacy journey.

Fertility Clinics

  • Laurel Fertility Care (Modesto) - Their doctors will explain all the options and work with you to find the simplest and most effective treatment that will lead to a successful pregnancy.

  • Reproductive Medicine Associates California (Danville) - Having all of the well-validated fertility treatment options (IVF, IUI, ICSI) in one fertility clinic can help increase your chance of a successful pregnancy.


providing the best care to you and the baby you’re carrying for the intended parents.

  • San Joaquin General Hospital (French Camp) - As a Center of Excellence for Women and children’s services, San Joaquin is committed to providing you with the highest quality of care during your surrogate pregnancy.

FAQs About Surrogate Compensation in Stockton

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Why Do Surrogates Get Paid?

We recognize and appreciate your dedication to the surrogacy process. Your valuable gift of parenthood deserves acknowledgment, which is why we offer the highest level of surrogate compensation in Stockton.

This compensation not only recognizes your contribution but also ensures your financial stability throughout the journey, alleviating any potential financial stress that could impact your pregnancy. At American Surrogacy, we highly value your role in creating families and are committed to supporting you every step of the way.

Do Surrogates Pay Taxes in Stockton?

Yes, as a resident of Stockton, your surrogate pay is considered personal income and may be subject to taxation. Both state and federal income taxes will be your responsibility, as Stockton does not have a local income tax.

The escrow company we partner with will provide you with a 1099 tax form if your surrogate pay is taxable, ensuring transparency and compliance with tax regulations. We recommend consulting with a CPA for a more detailed understanding of how your compensation may be taxed.

Do Surrogates Get Paid Monthly?

Yes, as a surrogate your base payment will be distributed in 10 monthly installments. For instance, if you're earning $65,000 in surrogate pay in Stockton, you'll receive $6,500 each month.

Do I Need Surrogate Insurance?

No, there is no requirement for insurance when you embark on your surrogate journey in Stockton. If your current insurance plan doesn't cover surrogate pregnancies, we will work diligently to secure insurance coverage that does.

Do Surrogates Get Paid if They Miscarry?

Your surrogate pay will continue until a miscarriage occurs. If both you and the intended parents decide to resume the medical process when you're ready, you can start the process again. Once a pregnancy is confirmed, these payments will start again.

Do Surrogates Get Maternity Leave in Stockton?

As a surrogate in Stockton, you are entitled to maternity leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Rest assured that your compensation will cover any wages lost during your surrogate journey.

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