Colorado Surrogacy Laws

American Surrogacy can provide valuable assistance and guidance to intended parents and surrogates navigating surrogacy laws in Colorado.

Colorado surrogacy laws guide the process from start to finish, and you will need help on your journey from a surrogacy specialist. Get help navigating Colorado surrogacy law when you click here.

What is Surrogacy Law in Colorado?

Surrogacy is allowed by law in Colorado because there are not any laws, statutes, or published case law that makes it illegal.

What are the Main Surrogacy Laws in Colorado?

There are no specific surrogacy laws to look to, however, parts of surrogacy are determined by practices set forth in Colorado’s Uniform Parentage Act.

Since there aren’t surrogate mother laws in Colorado specifically allowing or disallowing surrogacy, surrogacy lawyers and professionals can look to previous cases of surrogacy that have gone through the Colorado legal system and the results of each of these.

What is a Surrogacy Contract?

By addressing aspects such as compensation, medical procedures, potential risks and parental rights, surrogacy contracts help to prevent misunderstandings and disputes that could arise in the absence of clear guidelines. They also serve as a valuable tool for adhering to Colorado surrogacy laws, managing unforeseen circumstances and establishing contingency plans, fostering a sense of security for both the surrogate and the intended parents.

Surrogacy contracts offer legal recognition of the intended parents as the child's rightful parents, affirming their parental rights and responsibilities once the baby is born. Overall, the importance of surrogacy contracts lies in their ability to create a supportive and well-regulated environment, ensuring a smooth and harmonious surrogacy experience for all parties involved.

Why Do I Need Legal Help with Surrogacy?

Surrogacy has several steps that require legal help to complete.

Surrogacy lawyers in Colorado help both intended parents and surrogates have a safe and successful journey by helping you through the many details of surrogacy, including surrogacy agreements, surrogacy contracts, parentage orders, and completing final paperwork and processes to assure parentage is correctly identified.

Each of these is vitally important and can be very detailed. For example, your surrogacy agreement must be completed before you begin the process of embryo transfer, and can help intended parents and surrogates come to an agreement about many of these topics:

  • Screening and background check details

  • Health information data releases

  • Details about payment and taxes

  • Insurance coverage information for the surrogate and baby

  • Lifestyle expectations and prenatal care coverage

  • Location of hospital delivery

  • Surrogate travel restrictions

  • Confidentiality expectations and future contact expectations

  • How parental rights will be established and the processes required

  • Overview of the laws involved in the surrogacy

  • Agreements about any circumstances that may arise involving abortion or selective reduction

  • When a party will be in breach of the contract

  • Payment of the child and surrogate’s medical expenses

  • Procedures in case of a medical emergency

  • How disagreements will be handled

Who Can Help Me with Surrogate Laws in Colorado?

At American Surrogacy, we have specialists on staff who have helped many families through the journey of surrogacy and can help you too.

In addition to the help you can receive from surrogacy specialists, we also connect each family with a surrogacy lawyer in Colorado to help you get the legal help you need to complete the surrogacy process.

Surrogacy Lawyers Near Me in Colorado

If you’re looking for a surrogacy attorney in Colorado, we can help. Our surrogacy professionals can connect you to the legal help you need wherever you are in Colorado.

Get Help from Surrogacy Attorneys Near Me in Colorado

There is no doubt you will need an assisted reproduction attorney in Colorado, as lawyers are necessary for surrogacy throughout the United States.

Since you will also need a surrogacy agency, the easiest way to connect to a reproductive lawyer in Colorado who will meet your needs is to talk to a reputable surrogacy agency. You can click here to get help from a specialist at American Surrogacy now.