How Much Do Surrogates Make in Aurora?

Becoming a Hero in Your Own Story

Your surrogate pay can change your and your family's life for the better. Your dedication to helping create families is nothing short of heroic, and we're here to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Known for its stunning view of the majestic Rocky Mountains, you can earn $50,000 - $110,000+ in compensation for helping others on their path to parenthood.

By earning surrogate pay, you can become a hero in your family’s life by opening up doors to opportunities that may not have been possible otherwise.

"The compensation I received helped elevate our lives. I was able to go on vacations with my kids and buy things that we needed that I’ve been putting off for so long so that was huge for me."

- Jade,


As the highest-paying surrogacy agency in Aurora, we think your valuable contribution deserves the best compensation possible. Why settle for anything less when you don’t have to? Fill out our form to find out your surrogate pay potential. 

How Much Do Surrogates Make in Aurora?

Surrogates in Aurora earn $50,000 - $90,000+ as a first time surrogate and $60,000 - $110,000+  as a an experienced surrogate for the gift you’re providing intended parents. You’re the key to helping someone finally experience the beauty of parenthood and deserve the highest pay possible.

The amount you earn will depend on:

We value your dedication to the process and are committed to making sure you get the best compensation possible. With us, you’ll have no problem earning the pay you’re entitled to.

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What’s Included in Surrogate Pay?

Our competitive surrogate compensation package rewards you for your role in helping create families and covers your surrogacy and pregnancy-related expenses. From lost wages to maternity clothes, you’ll always be financially stable throughout your journey and beyond.

See Our Surrogate Compensation Breakdown


Total Compensation:

$50,000 - $110,000+

What's Included:
Base Pay
Think of base pay like your surrogate salary. This payment is deposited monthly once a pregnancy is confirmed, and it is entirely yours to use however you choose!
Pre-Pregnancy Payments:
  • Monthly Allowance
  • Start of Medications Bonus
  • Mock Cycle Payment
  • Travel Expenses
  • Signing Bonus
  • Social Work Screening Bonus
  • Medical Screening Bonus
Pregnancy Payments:
  • Start of Base Pay
  • Transfer Payment
  • Maternity Clothes
  • 3rd Trimester Self Care
  • Medical Procedures Bonus
  • C-Section Payment (if required)
  • Multiples Bonus
  • Bed Rest Coverage
Post-Pregnancy Payments:
  • Post-Pregnancy Self Care
  • Pumping Breast Milk (if agreed upon)
  • Counseling Costs (if needed)
  • Lost Wages
  • Spouse Lost Wages
Additional Benefits:
  • Personal Gifts
  • Referral Bonus
  • Life Insurance & Complications Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Housekeeping Payments
  • Family Meal Payments

Determine Your Surrogate Pay Rate  

Surrogate Compensation

I live in
a first-time carrier.

The Highest-Paying Surrogacy Agencies in Aurora

You shouldn’t have to settle for an agency that can’t provide you with the compensation you deserve for being a hero in an intended parents’ story. With us being one of the most renowned surrogacy agencies in Aurora, we’re proud to work with exceptional surrogates like you.

Your passion for helping those who’ve struggled to grow their family is heroic and because of this, we’re dedicated to making you one of the highest-paid surrogates in Aurora. Here are some of the best-paying surrogacy agencies in your area:

Surrogacy AgenciesCompensation
American Surrogacy$50,000 - $110,000+
Colorado Surrogacy$50,000-$65,000
Conceive AbilitiesUp to $70,000

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How to Become a Paid Surrogate in Aurora

Embarking on the surrogacy journey with us in the Gateway to the Rockies is a smooth and efficient experience. Our dedicated specialists are here to guide you at every stage, making sure you get. We’re committed to ensuring that you encounter the best version of the surrogacy process in Aurora.

Here are some steps you’ll take in your surrogacy journey:

"American surrogacy helped ease my fears. Their support was so strong that I felt confident to take on anything that was coming.  American Surrogacy really helped every step of the way. It was so beautiful."

- Jade,


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As a nationwide surrogacy agency with a strong presence in cities near Aurora, we seamlessly blend local accessibility with comprehensive support. Our office, located in the vibrant cultural scene that Colorado is renowned for, provides you with the advantages of a national agency right in your community.

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Our Surrogacy Program

With our program in Aurora, quality care and unwavering support are at the forefront. From personalized counseling services to round-the-clock assistance from licensed social workers, we are dedicated to ensuring your experience exceeds expectations. As a surrogate with our agency in Aurora, you can experience:

What You Can Gain Through Our Program
  • A Fulfilling Sense of Purpose

    Contribute to others' joy in experiencing parenthood, fostering a profound sense of purpose

  • Personal Pride and Enhanced Surrogate Pay

    Take pride in earning competitive surrogate compensation, potentially improving your family's quality of life

  • Our Unwavering Commitment

    Experience our steadfast commitment from the initial contact, providing support and guidance consistently

  • A Journey of Self-Discovery

    Embark on a journey of self-discovery, gaining valuable insights into your own strengths and capabilities

  • Comprehensive Support

    Receive unwavering support at every stage of the surrogacy process, ensuring a positive, empowering experience

Other Things to Know About Becoming a Surrogate in Aurora

Surrogacy Laws and Legal Professionals

Colorado is among the most surrogacy-friendly states, with gestational being permitted under the Colorado Surrogacy Agreement Act. The state has established clear legal procedures to facilitate the surrogacy process, ensuring the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved. Colorado law allows intended parents to establish their parental rights before the birth of the child through a pre-birth order, streamlining the legal aspects of the surrogacy arrangement.

We can connect you with an attorney in our network or you can check out these surrogacy attorneys in Aurora:

  • Koupal Law Firm, P.C. (Cory-Merrill) - A modern law firm specializing in family formation, assisted reproductive technology (ART), adoption and estate planning.

  • Ellen Trachman (Glendale) – Helping grow and protect families through assisted reproductive technology, adoption and estate planning.

Your Surrogacy Medical Professionals in Aurora

In the third most populous city in Colorado, you’ll find nothing short of exceptional medical professionals ready to guide you through the surrogate medical process. From advanced fertility clinics to award-winning hospitals, you’ll always be in good hands.

Fertility Clinics

  • Shady Grove Fertility (Greenwood Village) – Proven results and personalized support from experienced professionals ready to support you at every step.

  • Denver Fertility Care (Englewood) – Their team of specialists uses the latest reproductive technology and techniques to provide the best IVF experience possible.



FAQs About Surrogate Compensation in Aurora

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Why Do Surrogates Get Paid?

We take immense pride in offering unmatched surrogate pay rates, acknowledging the dedication and time you invest in the process. Our steadfast commitment goes beyond providing the highest compensation; it ensures unwavering support for you and your family at every step.

Choosing to embark on the surrogacy journey with Aurora means not just a financial opportunity but an opportunity to be a hero within your own family. Through this path, you can create possibilities that might otherwise be unattainable.

Do Surrogates Pay Taxes in Aurora?

Similar to any other location, your compensation is considered personal income and may be subject to taxes. Aurora is one of five cities in Colorado that has a local income tax, referred to as an “occupational privilege tax” for residents who work in the city.  If your surrogate compensation is taxed, you'll have the responsibility of handling personal income tax, along with federal and state taxes.

To streamline the tax process, we've partnered with an escrow company that will promptly provide you with a 1099 form. This ensures you're well-prepared when filing your taxes. For a comprehensive understanding of how your compensation may be taxed, we advise consulting with a certified CPA.

How Much Do Surrogates Get Paid Monthly?

Your compensation is organized into 10 monthly installments, starting once a pregnancy is confirmed. If your total surrogate compensation is $65,000, you can anticipate receiving $6,500 each month. This structured approach ensures a steady and reliable payment schedule throughout the course of your surrogacy journey.

Do Surrogates Get Paid if They Miscarry?

Should a miscarriage occur during your journey, your pay will be temporarily halted. Depending on the terms outlined in your agreement with the intended parents, you have the option to undergo the medical process again when you're ready. Once a pregnancy is confirmed, your compensation payments will resume.

No matter the unexpected turns your surrogacy journey may take, we’re committed to ensuring you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve. Our dedication extends to supporting you through every aspect of your unique and extraordinary surrogacy experience.

How Much Do Surrogates Make For Twins?

If you’re pregnant with multiples or twins, you can earn $5,000 per multiple. Although a multiples pregnancy isn’t as common due to the associated risks, you’ll be compensated for the added complexities that come with carrying twins.

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