Surrogacy Professionals in Kansas: Agencies, Attorneys and More

Looking for professionals for your surrogacy in Kansas? You're in luck! Check out a list of local resources to guide you through your surrogacy in the Sunflower State.

There are a fair amount of professionals involved in any surrogacy — and a surrogacy in Kansas is no exception. Even if you choose to work with American Surrogacy as your surrogacy agency in Kansas, you will still need to work with several other professionals in order to complete your surrogacy journey.

Fortunately, you have plenty of professionals to choose from. Whether you are an intended parent or prospective surrogate in the Sunflower State, you have the option of working with local professionals in Kansas, regional professionals in the Midwest, or national professionals across the U.S. The choice is always up to you.

In this article, you’ll find a list of local resources available to you during your Kansas surrogacy journey. We encourage every intended parent and prospective surrogate to fully research their options and the path ahead of them before committing to a certain professional in this journey.

To help you in that process, we’ve gathered a list of Kansas surrogacy agencies, Kansas surrogacy attorneys and Kansas surrogacy clinics for you to consider.

Let American Surrogacy Be Your Surrogacy Agency in Kansas

When you are looking for surrogacy agencies in Kansas, American Surrogacy should be your first choice. Our agency is a national one but, because our offices are located in Kansas, our program can provide a regional feel at the same time — the best of both worlds.

There are many reasons why intended parents and prospective surrogates choose an agency-assisted surrogacy in Kansas.

When you work with surrogate agencies in Kansas (such as American Surrogacy), the majority of your surrogacy experiences are handled by a professional experienced in this journey — allowing you to focus on the bigger picture, not the intricate details. For this reasons, surrogacy agencies in Kansas are often known as “one-stop shops” for this family-building process.

So, why work with American Surrogacy as your Kansas surrogacy agency?

  • We will answer all your questions and give you the information you need to decide if surrogacy is right for you.
  • We will guide you through the screening process to ensure you are eligible for surrogacy.
  • We will help you find the perfect intended parent(s) or surrogate for your Kansas surrogacy.
  • We will coordinate with your other surrogacy professionals, including your surrogacy attorney and your surrogacy clinic.
  • We will offer case management, support and education from start to finish.

These are just a few of the benefits that American Surrogacy can provide as your Kansas surrogacy agency. For more information, please contact our specialists today.

Your other local options include:

Surrogacy Attorneys in Kansas

Whether you choose to complete an agency-assisted or independent surrogacy journey in the Sunflower State, you will still need to work with a surrogacy attorney in Kansas.

Currently, there are no surrogacy laws in Kansas — but that doesn’t mean the surrogacy process is a free-for-all. There are strict legal protocols that must be followed, and only a local surrogacy lawyer can ensure that the rights of both intended parents and gestational carriers are protected in this process.

Your surrogacy attorney will play an integral role in ensuring your surrogacy follows legal standards, drafting your legal surrogacy contract, and establishing parental rights for intended parents. In fact, you will not be able to proceed with your medical process of surrogacy in Kansas until your legal contract has been completed — so an experienced Kansas surrogacy attorney is a non-negotiable.

Your choice of surrogacy attorney will always be up to you. Our surrogacy specialists maintain a list of local, experienced Kansas surrogacy lawyers we refer our clients to and that we frequently work with. That list includes:

If you end up matching with a gestational surrogate in a state other than Kansas, you will work with an experienced surrogacy attorney there. American Surrogacy can also provide legal references in this situation.

Surrogacy Clinics in Kansas

Another professional every intended parent and prospective surrogate needs in their surrogacy journey is a surrogacy clinic, also known as a fertility clinic. This medical professional is responsible for screening a prospective gestational carrier, preparing her with a fertility medical protocol, completing the embryo transfer process and confirming her pregnancy.

Unlike a surrogacy attorney, surrogacy clinics do not need to be located in Kansas for a surrogacy in this state to continue. Many intended parents have existing relationships with out-of-state fertility clinics due to prior infertility treatments.

If this is your situation, you do not need to find a Kansas surrogacy clinic to proceed. Instead, you will simply need to pay for your surrogate’s travel costs to your clinic for the eventual embryo transfer process.

However, if intended parents in Kansas do not yet have a surrogacy clinic in mind, there are a few local options that our specialists would recommend:

The professionals listed in this article are just a few of those Kansas surrogacy attorneys and clinics that you might consider for your personal surrogacy journey. Our specialists are always happy to provide a more extensive list for those who are interested.

To learn more about these professionals, or to find out more about American Surrogacy serving as your Kansas surrogacy agency, please contact us at 1-800-875-2229(BABY) today.