Working with a California Surrogacy Agency

Working with a California surrogacy agency can help you make the most of your surrogacy journey. We explain why working with a surrogacy agency can help you achieve your dream of becoming a parent.

For anyone looking to go through the surrogacy process in California, you may be wondering where to even start. If you’ve started your research, you’ve probably come across California surrogacy agencies.

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Finding an agency or program that’s right for you is an exciting step in your surrogacy journey. While there may be many agencies claiming to be the best, you may still have questions about what exactly an agency is and what they can do for you. When you work with American Surrogacy, you will receive support throughout your journey and beyond. Learn more about what it means to work with a California surrogacy agency.

What is a Surrogacy Agency?

A surrogacy agency is a professional that provides a broad range of surrogacy services to both intended parents and surrogates. American Surrogacy is a surrogacy program that offers all the services you might expect from a surrogacy agency.

A California surrogacy agency or program like American Surrogacy is often your best option when it comes to the surrogacy process, whether you are intended parents or a prospective surrogate. Surrogacy can be a complicated path if you don’t have a surrogacy specialist guiding you throughout the process. Luckily, our specialists are ready and eager to help you when you’re ready to begin.

Benefits of Working with a California Surrogacy Agency

Surrogacy has many steps and processes that are needed to create a positive experience. For anyone who is seeking a gestational surrogacy agency, you should work with an organization that offers support throughout every step. This looks like:

  • Thoroughly vetting and screening intended parents and prospective surrogates
  • Provide practical and emotional support and guidance throughout the process
  • Refer you to trusted legal professionals and medical professionals
  • Serving as your case manager throughout the process

These are just the basics of what working with an organization like American Surrogacy is like. When you choose an agency you can trust, you can rely on them to support you as you need it throughout your surrogacy journey.

Support from Surrogacy Professionals

There are many professionals you will need as you go through the surrogacy process. A good California surrogacy agency will be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to finding a physician, legal counsel and more. When you are researching different agencies, look for the different professionals they work with, from fertility specialists to attorneys.

It’s important to work with an established organization that has continued to develop its network and vet the professionals they work with. American Surrogacy has created a vast network of professionals to reference for prospective surrogates and intended parents.

Finding a Surrogacy Agency in California

When it comes to finding the right agency for you, it comes down to more than a quick search of “California surrogacy agency near me.” A search like this can offer you an overwhelming amount of options. This experience is personal and requires a load of mental, emotional and physical determination.

While it does help to work with a local agency, you also need to make sure the program you choose will do the most for you as you go through the surrogacy process. It’s important to thoroughly vet and interview the surrogacy agencies you are considering.

Advantages of American Surrogacy

You can trust that each step of your surrogacy journey will be handled by a surrogacy specialist who has your best interest at heart. We help intended parents and surrogates match with someone who is their perfect fit in an average of 30-90 days, which allows parents to have their baby in their arms sooner. Our services allow you to get personalized support and care as you go through the process. That includes financial clarity to give you the security of financial protection.

How to Get Started

Our staff provides quality support for a comfortable surrogacy experience. Our compassionate surrogacy specialists are ready to help you get started on your journey today. Contact our team of specialists to get started today.