The 13 Benefits of Surrogacy that You Need to Know

Interested in the pros of surrogacy? Whether you're an intended parent or prospective surrogate, here are some benefits of surrogacy you need to know.

While there are certainly some challenges associated with surrogacy for both intended parents and surrogates, there are far more benefits of surrogacy — making the process well worth any difficulties involved.

One of the overwhelming pros of surrogacy is the fact that it creates a family where there may not have been one before. For intended parents, surrogacy allows them to have the genetically related child they’ve always wanted and complete a lifelong dream. For surrogates, helping those parents have that child gives them the chance to change someone’s life forever.

In this article, you’ll find out what some of the surrogacy advantages are for every party involved, which may help you decide if surrogacy is right for you. If you have any questions about the surrogacy process or the pros of surrogacy, you can talk to a surrogacy specialist anytime at 1-800-875-2229.

Benefits of Surrogacy for Intended Parents

If you’re an intended parent considering surrogacy, you may wonder what the advantages of surrogacy are when you have other methods of becoming a family (for example, through adoption).  However, for all intended parents, there is the overwhelming advantage that other methods may not be able to provide — a child that’s genetically related to you. More often than not, this is the reason why intended parents enter into the surrogacy process.

However, there are more pros for intended parents than just the prospect of a biological child. Some of them are:

  1. Being able to overcome infertility or an inability to have children: Many intended parents who choose surrogacy do so because they’re struggling with infertility, either because of genetics, because they’re a same-sex couple who cannot have children on their own, or because they are single. The disappointment and stigma of infertility can be harsh, which is why surrogacy gives parents a chance to overcome these issues and successfully have biological children.

  2. Raising a child from birth: Surrogacy gives intended parents the chance to not only raise their child from the moment they’re born but also actively be involved in the pregnancy. Not all adoptions can offer the same advantages.

  3. Being involved every step of the way: Intended parents are able to be a part of every milestone of their surrogate pregnancy, from embryo transfer to their child’s birth. This way, intended parents can experience the pregnancy process in a way they may have never originally dreamed they could.

  4. Building a special relationship with the surrogate: While surrogacy is technically a business transaction, it’s much more to intended parents and surrogates. Usually, intended parents will form an intimate bond with their surrogate as they learn more about her and her family throughout the surrogacy process.

  5. Possibility of facing fewer restrictions: Some surrogacy agencies may be more lenient than adoption agencies on certain intended parent restrictions like age.

  6. Knowing a surrogate can successfully carry a pregnancy: All surrogates are thoroughly screened to make sure their previous pregnancies were problem-free and their medical history will not impede their ability to be a surrogate. Therefore, there’s a higher chance that an embryo transfer will be successful in surrogacy than in IVF treatments.

  7. Having control and peace of mind: While IVF treatments and adoptions can leave intended parents feeling helpless over their own parenthood journey, surrogacy gives them the ability to be involved from the first step of the process.

The advantages of surrogacy for intended parents may differ based on different situations, so it’s best that all intended parents speak in detail about their decision with a surrogacy specialist to decide whether this process is right for them.

Benefits of Surrogacy for Surrogates

It’s clear what the surrogacy pros for intended parents are; the process helps them fulfill their dream of becoming biological parents. But, what are the advantages of being a surrogate mother?

The modern surrogacy process makes sure all parties involved in the surrogacy process receive appropriate benefits. While a surrogate will be carrying a baby that’s not hers, she will not feel unappreciated or taken advantage of; she will receive several surrogacy advantages. However, each surrogate pregnancy is different, so each surrogate will likely have different personal rewards when the process is completed.

Here are some of the surrogacy advantages for surrogates:

  1. Having a sense of purpose: Many surrogates choose to help intended parents because the sense of personal satisfaction and pride they receive knowing they have changed a family’s life and helped them achieve their dreams.

  2. Creating a bond with the intended parents: Surrogates share their pregnancy journey with intended parents throughout, so it’s common for a woman to create an intimate friendship with intended parents that continues beyond the pregnancy.

  3. Experiencing pregnancy again: Many surrogates enjoy the process of being pregnant, so surrogacy gives them a chance to experience this again, even if their own families are already complete.

  4. Setting an example for friends and family: When a surrogate is pregnant, she’s proud to tell family members and friends about her decision and why she is doing it. Through this, she automatically sets an example of selflessness and generosity in helping others.

  5. Being reimbursed for her pregnancy: A surrogate will not have to endure any financial difficulties for her pregnancy, as the intended parents will pay for all of her pregnancy-related costs (including maternity clothes, doctor’s care and more). She will also receive high quality healthcare and counseling services that she may not have had before the pregnancy.

  6. Receiving financial compensation: In commercial surrogacy, a surrogate will receive a base compensation for carrying the intended parents’ child. This is one of the major benefits of surrogacy for surrogates, as it provides them financial stability that may not have otherwise been available. The compensation can be extensive enough to help her save for a house or other large expense.

Of course, there are also medical and psychological risks associated with surrogacy, so if you’re considering being a surrogate, it’s important that you weigh those against the benefits of surrogacy to determine whether it’s right for you. Our surrogacy specialists can walk you through the American Surrogacy process and answer any questions you have about the pros of surrogacy for your situation.


Whether you’re an intended parent or prospective surrogate, it’s important to understand the different benefits of surrogacy to decide whether the process is right for you. To learn more about the unique surrogacy advantages that American Surrogacy offers, please contact a surrogacy specialist today.