Alabama Surrogacy Laws

The legal process of surrogacy in Alabama is generally straightforward since Alabama is considered a surrogacy-friendly state. American Surrogacy is ready to assist you with finding legal counsel and working through the Alabama legal process.

As you begin the steps to pursue surrogacy in Alabama, you may have many questions surrounding the legal process. The first thing to know about Alabama surrogacy laws is that surrogacy itself is legal in Alabama. There are currently no  laws that prohibit the practice in the state, which means it’s a safe path for prospective surrogates and intended parents.

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Discover more about the legal surrogacy process in Alabama with our quick guide.

Fact 1. Same-Sex Surrogacy is Legal

There are currently no laws that prohibit or affect same-sex intended parents. Same-sex surrogacy is legal in Alabama. LGBTQ+ intended parents are subject to the same Alabama surrogacy laws as heteronormative intended parents. When it comes to creating your profile as a surrogate or intended parents, you can include this information which can help lead you to a match that is promising to both parties. When it comes to the choice of donor eggs and sperm, there may be more steps to declaring parentage orders. Your surrogacy attorney should be able to assist you in this process.

Fact 2. Traditional Surrogacy in Alabama is Legal

While some intended parents choose to do gestational surrogacy, others still lean towards traditional surrogacy depending on their circumstances. There are no traditional surrogacy laws in Alabama that prohibit the practice, although it is often advised against due to potential emotional and legal risks. This is something you will need to discuss further with your surrogacy agency to decide if it’s the right step for you.

Fact 3. Compensated Surrogacy is Legal in Alabama

There are no Alabama surrogacy laws that prohibit or restrict the compensation a surrogate can receive for their services. You will make a legal agreement that will outline the compensation that the intended parents will offer the surrogate mother. There are a number of considerations to make for the compensation of a surrogate mother. These include medical expenses, legal expenses, travel expenses, where you live and level of experience.

Fact 4. You Need an Alabama Surrogacy Attorney

It’s required to have a surrogacy attorney in Alabama as you begin taking steps to go through the surrogacy process. A surrogacy specialist will help you find a surrogacy attorney or reproductive lawyer in Alabama, and assist you as you begin the legal process for surrogacy. American Surrogacy has a vast network of surrogacy attorneys to assist you in finding the right fit for your personalized needs. An Alabama surrogacy attorney can also help with obtaining pre-birth or post-birth order of parentage. In addition, they will be your guide to the legal side of the surrogacy process and assist you with any contracts or other legal needs.

Fact 5. A Surrogacy Contract Protects You

There are currently no regulations for creating surrogacy agreements in Alabama. It’s important to work with an experienced Alabama surrogacy attorney who will help protect your rights and interests in the process. Surrogates and intended parents will each need their own legal counsel for this process. A surrogacy contract or agreement will address the rights and responsibilities of each party, potential risks and how to resolve them, surrogate compensation and finances, agreements on sensitive issues and more.  

Even if the surrogate and intended parents have a positive relationship, you will still be required to create a surrogacy contract. In many cases this can alleviate any potential issues, allowing everyone to be present for and focused on the pregnancy.

Your Alabama surrogacy lawyer and surrogacy specialist will assist you in this process to ensure that this journey and the relationship between the surrogate and intended parents is as smooth as possible.

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