How to Find a Surrogate in Florida

With our unique matching program, you can count on us to help you become parents in the shortest amount of time. With us, you can count on a streamlined experience with your needs at the forefront.

We understand that your path to parenthood hasn’t been easy. That’s why we make sure that you experience the best version of the process, putting you on the fast-track towards fulfilling your dreams of having a family.  With over 30 years of experience creating families, your dreams of starting your family can be a reality the moment you reach out to us.

From short wait times to thorough screening processes, finding a surrogate with our agency has never been easier. Our unbeatable wait times make our program one of the quickest path’s to parenthood. We’ve helped thousands of couples become parents and we’re ready to help you too.

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How to Find a Surrogate in Florida

Through strategic marketing campaigns and a thorough screening process, we can help you find a surrogate who is not only qualified but also ready to be by your side through every step of your journey.

By maintaining a 1:1 intended parent-to-surrogate ratio, we ensure that each match is made with compatibility and efficiency at its core.

With us, you can count on finding a surrogate who will help you create the family of your dreams. Your journey toward becoming parents is our priority, and we take pride in offering one of the quickest paths to parenthood in the industry. You’ve waited long enough to experience the joys of having a family. 

5 Steps to Finding the Right Match

Find a qualified surrogate match


Sign your surrogacy contract

How Long Does it Take to Find a Surrogate in Florida?

With our incomparable short wait times, you can find a surrogate in an average of 30-90 days in Florida, allowing you to begin your journey to parenthood without any delays. We understand how important your time is when it comes to starting or expanding your family.

By minimizing the waiting period, we ensure that you have more precious moments with your child to celebrate milestones such as birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. Our efficient process not only accelerates the path to parenthood but also allows you to cherish every moment with your growing family.

Here’s how we keep wait times low:

How We Keep Wait Times Low

Our marketing efforts ensure that we reach more potential surrogates in the shortest amount of time. Our national reach lets us find more surrogates, helping you get that much closer to experiencing the joys of parenthood. 

A Balanced List

Unlike other agencies, we maintain a 1:1 intended parents-to-surrogates ratio by managing our intended parents list. You don’t deserve to wait any longer to become a parent and our mission is to prioritize your needs throughout every step of your journey.

A Thorough, Streamlined Screening Process

No matter who you choose as your match, all the surrogates in our program are fully screened and ready to help make your dreams of parenthood come true. Our screening process allows us to streamline the screening process without having to sacrifice quality. 


To learn more about the benefits of our program, contact us online now to talk to a specialist.

How Much Does it Cost to Find a Surrogate Mother in Florida?

Transparency and peace of mind are at the core of what we do. With our fixed cost structure, you can trust that there are no hidden fees or unexpected expenses along the way. This fixed fee structure was not only designed to help you through every step of your journey, but was also made to include services that shorten wait times significantly.

The fees are divided into two installments with your first payment being due upon activation. This portion includes services such as:

  • Marketing and advertising

  • Surrogate screening

  • Parent protection fee

The second payment will be due once you find a surrogate in Florida and include:

  • Match fee

  • Surrogate compensation

  • Legal fees

  • Travel expenses and lodging

  • Insurance premiums (if needed)

  • Prenatal expenses

Unlike other agencies where you may be uncertain on what is and isn't included in their costs, our all-inclusive pricing covers essential services such as marketing and screening, helping you find a surrogate match efficiently. Our flat fee model provides clarity and assurance, allowing you to embark on your journey with confidence, knowing exactly what you'll be paying and what services your money is going towards.

How We Protect Your Budget

We recognize that the path to parenthood is a significant investment, which is why we offer Parent Protection to safeguard your investment. In the event of an unsuccessful journey, a significant portion of your investment is refunded. Our parent protection also includes unlimited matching, putting you on the right track toward finding the right surrogate in Florida.

How Do I Find a Surrogate Near Me?

We know how important it is for you to have the surrogate within close proximity during the surrogacy process. That’s why we prioritize helping you find surrogates in your area whenever possible. However, being open to surrogates from out-of-state can help contribute to faster wait times and increase the likelihood of finding the perfect match.

Our extensive network and thorough screening process allow us to find a surrogate across the country, ensuring that regardless of location, you’re matched with a surrogate who shares your values, goals and expectations for the journey ahead.

Our Offices in Florida

As a nationwide agency, we take pride in providing services to intended parents and surrogates from all corners of the globe, including Florida. While our main headquarters are located in Kansas, we've established a convenient office presence in Florida to offer local support and guidance.

Trust us to help make your surrogacy experience the best it can be. Visit one of our office locations below:


1211 North Westshore Boulevard
402 Suite B
Tampa, FL 33607
1-800-875-BABY (2229)

Green Cove Springs

820 N Orange Ave
Suite B
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043
1-800-875-BABY (2229)

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Next Steps After Finding a Surrogate

If you have not yet selected a fertility clinic or created embryos, these are essential steps you’ll need to take in order to move forward with the surrogacy process. Our specialists can help connect you with the professionals you need in order to get this process started or you can find one in your state below:

For those that have already taken this important step and have embryos ready, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us as soon as you can. Having embryos in place significantly speeds up the matching process, connecting you with a surrogate much more quickly. Reaching out to us brings you closer to realizing their dream of starting a family, and our team is here to support you every step of the way.

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Other Things to Know About Finding a Surrogate in Florida

Surrogacy Laws and Legal Professionals

In Florida, surrogacy is legally recognized and supported by statute, providing a clear and reassuring framework for intended parents and surrogates alike. The state has comprehensive statutes and case law that govern surrogacy arrangements, offering protection and guidance to all parties involved. Surrogacy contracts are legally enforceable, outlining the rights and responsibilities of both the intended parents and the surrogate.

We can help you find a lawyer within our network or you can find one in your state below:

Establishing Parentage

Florida law also allows for pre-birth orders, which establish the intended parents' legal parental rights before the child's birth, streamlining the process and providing certainty and security for all involved. With its supportive legal environment, Florida is surrogacy-friendly state for those seeking to build or expand their families.

5 FAQs About Finding a Surrogate
How Do I Find a Surrogate Mother for Free?

While the idea of finding a surrogate free may seem appealing, you may risk working with a surrogate who may not be qualified. Even if you choose to find a surrogate independently, there are expenses that may be associated with screening and finding a surrogate.

When you find a surrogate with us, you can count on working with a surrogate that’s screened and ready to start the process.

Can I Find a Surrogate Online?

Yes, surrogates have created profiles available for you to view on our surrogate situations page. If for some reason you can’t find a surrogate you’re compatible with on our site, reach out to us and we can help connect you with surrogates in our network.

Is it Hard to Find a Surrogate?

We know that you’ve been waiting long enough to start your family. With our secure, fully-vetted matching process, you’ll find comfort knowing we make the process easy. You can find a surrogate with our agency within an average of 30-90 days, thanks to our 1:1 intended parents-to-surrogate ratio.

What is the Best Place to Find a Surrogate?

The best place to find a surrogate is through an agency. Surrogacy agencies like ours are able to provide the best possible support and personalized service throughout the process. Your choice in agency can make or break your entire experience and with us, you can count on finding a qualified surrogate in the shortest amount of time.

Can I Find a Surrogate Mother for a Gay Couple?

Yes, finding a surrogate as a LGBT couple is now more possible than ever. Whether you’re a same-sex male couple or a same-sex female couple facing fertility challenges, we can help you find a surrogate that not only matches your preferences, but who’s also screened and ready to help make your dreams of starting a family come true.


To start your family-building journey, fill out our form or call us at 1-800-875-BABY (2229).