3 Ways to Get to Know Your Surrogate

Getting to know the person who will be carrying your baby is an exciting time in the surrogacy process. But if you want to build a thriving relationship with your surrogate, there are three key things you need to know.

Surrogacy is a collaborative process between you and your gestational carrier. As intended parents, one of the most significant aspects of this process is getting to know your surrogate.

Establishing a genuine and trusting relationship is not only beneficial for your own peace of mind, but also essential for creating a supportive environment throughout the surrogacy journey.

Here are three keys to building a rewarding relationship with your surrogate:

1. Communicate Openly

Communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship, and the same applies to the intended parents-surrogate relationship. Establishing open and frequent lines of communication from the beginning can help build trust, understanding, and mutual respect.

This can be a fun and exciting time as your bond grows. You’ll be able to do things like share regular updates, chat over text, schedule regular video calls and even attend prenatal appoints in person, if you’d like. Being present during ultrasounds, hearing the baby's heartbeat and participating in discussions with healthcare professionals can deepen your connection with your surrogate and create cherished memories.

The frequency and type of communication you have with your surrogate will be for the two of you to decide. Our surrogacy specialist will be happy to help mediate communication along the way if necessary.

2. Express Gratitude and Appreciation

Throughout the surrogacy journey, expressing gratitude and appreciation for your surrogate's selflessness and dedication is important. She is committing up for over a year of her time and physical and emotional energy to help you reach your dreams of parenthood.

Small gestures like sending thoughtful notes, gifts or tokens of appreciation can go a long way in demonstrating your gratitude. Celebrate milestones together and let her know how her generosity has impacted your lives.

Getting to know your surrogate is an extraordinary opportunity to forge a connection that extends beyond the surrogacy process. By fostering open communication, participating in shared experiences, and showing appreciation, you can build a meaningful relationship based on trust and support.

3. Trust Your Surrogacy Specialist

When it comes to getting to know your surrogate, you can place your trust in your surrogacy specialist. Your surrogacy specialist will be by your side to serve as a bridge, mediating the initial phone call and fostering a sense of trust and understanding between you and your surrogate. By thoroughly screening potential surrogates, ensuring they meet our ASRM medical guidelines, emotional and legal qualifications, we prioritize the well-being and compatibility of you and potential surrogates.

Through open and transparent communication, we’ll guide you through the matching process, help you review profiles, disclose relevant medical information and facilitate initial meetings. With our expertise and commitment, we want to empower you to build a genuine connection with your surrogate and build a foundation of trust that can flourish throughout your surrogacy journey.

If you’re ready to take your first steps towards surrogacy, fill out our online form today to get connected with a surrogacy specialist.