Understanding Arkansas Surrogacy Laws

When you embark on the path to surrogacy, it’s important to know what the legal stance is. The first step is understanding which Arkansas surrogacy laws

Surrogacy has been around for a few decades, but Arkansas surrogacy laws have come a long way in that time. Today, Arkansas is one of the many states in the U.S. where you can complete surrogacy. Still, taking the time to understand these laws can help you along the surrogacy process.

When you’re ready to contact a surrogacy specialist and get started with the process, having this knowledge can help. Learn what to expect from the legal process of surrogacy in Arkansas.

Legalities of Surrogacy in Arkansas

Surrogacy is legal in Arkansas and the courts and surrogacy laws in Arkansas are highly favorable for those pursuing the process. The Arkansas Supreme Court has even ruled in favor of intended parents on numerous occasions.

Arkansas is a safe state to pursue surrogacy as intended parents and as a prospective surrogate. Compensated surrogacy is legal and surrogates can get paid in accordance with the terms of their surrogacy agreement. Also, due to a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2017, same-sex intended parents in Arkansas should also be treated the same as heterosexual intended parents.

Legal Contracts for Surrogacy in Arkansas

An Arkansas statute declares surrogacy agreements valid. This means surrogacy contracts are enforceable, just like any other legal contract. A surrogacy contract must be drawn up by Arkansas surrogacy attorneys and intended parents and surrogates must have separate representation. This step is crucial to the process and must happen before any medical process can begin. A legal contract should include:

  • Potential risks and liabilities

  • Expectations and responsibilities of the intended parents and the surrogate

  • Surrogate compensation

  • Sensitive issues including selective reduction and termination

  • Contact expectations and who will be present at important appointments

Working with an Arkansas Surrogacy Attorney

Due to the legal process, it is required for you to work with a surrogacy attorney in Arkansas. An attorney will guide you through the legal process, ensuring the above requirements are met and you are protected throughout the process. Even if the intended parents and the surrogate have a great relationship, having legal counsel is required. It is especially important for the legal contract between both parties. A surrogacy lawyer in Arkansas will make sure you’re as informed as possible in regard to Arkansas surrogacy laws and how they may affect you and the surrogacy process.

American Surrogacy has a vast network of attorneys who can help you through the legal process of surrogacy. When it comes to pregnancy and the future of your family, having someone you can trust to navigate the legal system will make all the difference.

Parentage Birth Orders

According to current Arkansas surrogacy laws, courts are more favorable toward married couples or single parents using their own egg or sperm. However, intended parents who are not biologically related may need to complete an adoption after birth.

Your attorney will assist you with parentage orders and proceedings for your personal situation. This may include pre-birth orders, adoptions, second-parent adoptions and stepparent adoptions.

American Surrogacy and Arkansas Surrogacy Laws

You can trust that each step of your surrogacy journey will be handled by a surrogacy specialist who has your best interest at heart. Our specialists make sure your surrogacy process is completed safely, legally and efficiently. We help intended parents match with a surrogate who is their perfect fit in an average of 30-90 days, which allows you to have your baby in your arms sooner. Our services also allow you to get personalized support and care as you go through the process. That includes financial clarity to give you the security of financial protection.

How to Get Started

If you’re looking for an Arkansas surrogacy agency you can trust with your time, wellness and money, American Surrogacy’s program may be the right one for you. Our staff provides quality support for a comfortable surrogacy experience. Our compassionate surrogacy specialists can’t wait to help you get started on your own journey through surrogacy. If you have questions about surrogacy laws in Arkansas, fill out our easy online form for intended parents and surrogates to get started today.