How Much Do Surrogates Make in Miami

Becoming a surrogate in Miami means that you will change the lives of a family forever. Learn how you can make an impact and get compensated below.

As a mother living in the Magic City, you would be living up to the city’s nickname by becoming a surrogate.

Being a surrogate may not give you magical powers, but the effects of surrogacy approach magic. You can change a family’s life, and expand your own life in ways that you never imagined.

When you become a surrogate in Miami, you deserve the best compensation, and at American Surrogacy, you can be compensated $50,000 - $110,000+.

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How Much Do Surrogates Make in Miami?

Surrogates in Miami make $50,000 - $110,000+.

Average pay is $59,000 per year, but we know you deserve better than average for the amazing service you’re providing. That’s why we want to make sure you get the highest surrogate pay in MiamiYou can become a surrogate in Florida when you apply here.


What Does it Feel Like to Be a Surrogate?

Experience emotional fulfillment like no other. 

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What’s Included in Surrogate Pay?

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Total Compensation:

$50,000 - $110,000+

What's Included:
Base Pay
Think of base pay like your surrogate salary. This payment is deposited monthly once a pregnancy is confirmed, and it is entirely yours to use however you choose!
Pre-Pregnancy Payments:
  • Monthly Allowance
  • Start of Medications Bonus
  • Mock Cycle Payment
  • Travel Expenses
  • Signing Bonus
  • Social Work Screening Bonus
  • Medical Screening Bonus
Pregnancy Payments:
  • Start of Base Pay
  • Transfer Payment
  • Maternity Clothes
  • 3rd Trimester Self Care
  • Medical Procedures Bonus
  • C-Section Payment (if required)
  • Multiples Bonus
  • Bed Rest Coverage
Post-Pregnancy Payments:
  • Post-Pregnancy Self Care
  • Pumping Breast Milk (if agreed upon)
  • Counseling Costs (if needed)
  • Lost Wages
  • Spouse Lost Wages
Additional Benefits:
  • Personal Gifts
  • Referral Bonus
  • Life Insurance & Complications Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Housekeeping Payments
  • Family Meal Payments

The Highest Paying Surrogacy Agencies in Miami

When you become a surrogate, you deserve compensation that matches the commitment you make to helping families grow. Below are some estimates of compensation you can receive when you become a surrogate:

AgencyCompensation Range (in USD)
American Surrogacy$50,000 - $110,000+
Family Source Consultants$53,000 or more
Open Arms Surrogacy$50,000

How to Become a Paid Surrogate in Miami [4 Steps]

To become a paid surrogate in Miami, you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Get Help: Our agency staff can help you understand the process when you apply here

Step 2. Screening: Basic screenings as well as more in-depth medical screenings will help determine if surrogacy is a good fit for you

Step 3. Matching: Once you are ready, we can help you connect with families who are excited to grow their family

Step 4. Become Pregnant: The excitement begins when your pregnancy is confirmed—you can celebrate with the intended parents and your compensation will begin

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What You Can Gain with Our Surrogacy Program

When you choose to become a surrogate at American Surrogacy, you can gain much more than compensation. Surrogates tell us that they have an increased sense of purpose, that they have learned about themselves during the process, and they speak to the meaningful connection they have when they can help a family.

 And in addition to what you gain, our surrogacy specialists will be by your side at every step when you choose surrogacy, with a commitment to help you through all the details, so you can focus on what is most important.

Other Things to Know About Becoming a Surrogate in Miami

As you get started as a surrogate in Miami, here are some useful local resources:

Surrogacy Laws in Miami

Surrogacy laws in Florida allow and protect certain forms of surrogacy, which makes Florida a surrogacy-friendly state. Florida statute (Ch. 742.15 FL Stat.) creates legal processes for surrogacy and determines the handling of surrogacy, expenses and compensation.


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FAQs About Surrogate Compensation in Miami

Women in Miami commonly ask these questions about surrogacy compensation:

Is paid surrogacy legal in Florida?

Yes, compensated surrogacy is legal in Florida, which means as a surrogate in Miami, you can get $50,000-$110,000 in compensation when you choose to help a family fulfill their dream of parenting.

Do surrogates get paid if they miscarry?

Surrogates are paid from the beginning of the pregnancy until miscarriage, then the payments end. If the surrogate and intended parents choose to try surrogacy again, payments can restart.

Is surrogate money taxed in Miami?

There is no local income tax in Miami, but surrogate pay is subject to state and federal income tax. Click here for more information about surrogate taxes.

Is it hard to be a surrogate?

Many women who choose to be a surrogate enjoy being pregnant and find it rewarding to help a family fulfill their dreams of parenthood, but it doesn’t come without sacrifices of time and some risk, which is why we advocate that surrogates are compensated as they deserve for their contribution.

Whose insurance pays for surrogacy?

Surrogacy insurance can come from a combination of the surrogate’s primary or secondary insurance, the intended parents’ insurance, or third party insurance that the intended parents purchase to cover the surrogate pregnancy. Any medical bills that are not covered by insurance are paid for by the intended parents.