Surrogacy in Orlando, FL

Orlando Surrogacy Agencies, Attorneys and More

Considering a surrogacy in Orlando? You'll need to start with the right professionals. Here, find some options for the Orlando surrogacy professionals required in your journey, from agencies to attorneys to clinics.

There’s no better place for a family to be than Orlando, Florida. You’re just a step away from some of the best theme parks and attractions in the world, not to mention the hundreds of lakes and outdoor parks where you can get away from it all. It’s no wonder that Orlando continues to be a popular place to settle and raise a family.

But, if you haven’t yet built your family, you may be considering your options. Or, if you have finished your family, maybe you want to help someone else start theirs.

Regardless of which boat you’re in, surrogacy in Orlando can be your solution.

But, if you’re considering an Orlando surrogacy, you’ll need some help along the way. American Surrogacy is here to guide you. Whether you’re a prospective surrogate or intended parent, we can provide the services and referrals to local professionals you need.

Curious? Give us a call anytime at 1-800-875-BABY(2229). In the meantime, learn more about our services and other Orlando surrogacy professionals in our extensive guide below.

Let American Surrogacy Be Your Surrogacy Agency in Orlando

If you’re considering surrogacy in Orlando, working with a surrogacy agency can be the best decision that you make.

Surrogacy can quickly get confusing. Without an experienced professional to guide you through every step, you can put your journey at risk.

A surrogacy agency in Orlando can take that responsibility off your shoulders. An agency is essentially a “one-stop shop” for surrogacy, taking care of every step and coordinating with any additional professionals. When you work with an agency, you have the peace of mind that your Orlando surrogacy is completed safely, ethically and legally.

So, why work with American Surrogacy?

We’re a national agency with all the personalized advantages of a local surrogacy agency in Orlando. You’ll receive guidance from your own specialist every step of the way and the benefits of our extended national network of professionals. Every surrogate and intended parent who works will us gets the full range of our services, including:

  • Confirmation that you meet all the requirements for surrogacy in Orlando
  • Advertising for, screening and matching you with your perfect surrogacy partner
  • Case management, with emotional and practical support
  • Coordination with and referrals to any necessary Orlando surrogacy professionals
  • Mediating contact between you and your surrogacy partner
  • And more

We are always happy to answer your questions and explain why our agency is the best choice for you. Looking for surrogate mothers available in Orlando, Florida? Check out our active surrogates here. Wondering how to become a surrogate in Orlando? Contact our specialists anytime.

And, if you’re in need of local assistance, our offices can be found about an hour away in Tampa, at:

1211 N Westshore Blvd
Suite 402
Tampa, FL 33607

Your Options for a Surrogacy Attorney in Orlando

A surrogacy agency in Orlando is optional. A surrogacy attorney in Orlando is not.

Whatever kind of surrogacy journey you’re considering, you’ll always need a legal professional by your side. Surrogacy laws in Orlando can be complicated; navigating them without aid can quickly put you and your partner at risk. The only way to complete a safe surrogacy in the City Beautiful is by working with a lawyer from the very beginning.

Your surrogacy attorney in Orlando will complete a few key steps:

If you work with our agency, we’ll be happy to provide references to local surrogacy attorneys. However, the ultimate decision will always be up to you. Check out some of these local options as you decide which attorney is right for you:

Please note: Intended parents and gestational carriers must be represented by separate legal professionals. The intended parents will pay for their surrogate’s legal fees.

Potential Clinics for Surrogacy in Orlando, Florida

In addition to an attorney, everyone must use a medical clinic to complete their Orlando surrogacy journey.

Like every other aspect of gestational surrogacy, the medical process is complicated. Only experienced medical professionals can create a gestational pregnancy. Fortunately, surrogacy clinics (also known as fertility clinics) are plentiful in the Orlando area.

Your surrogacy clinic will be responsible for:

Many intended parents have a fertility clinic in mind upon starting their Orlando surrogacy. If you do, you can absolutely use that clinic for your surrogacy. However, keep in mind that if that professional is not local to your surrogate, you will need to pay for her travel expenses during the pre-surrogacy medical stages.

Don’t have an Orlando surrogacy clinic in mind? Here are a few to consider:

You have a lot of Orlando surrogacy professionals to choose from — which can make that decision easier and harder. We encourage all intended parents and surrogate mothers in Orlando to take their time. Think about what you want from your personal journey and determine whether a given professional can meet those needs.

When you want to learn more about American Surrogacy’s advantages, give us a call anytime at 1-800-875-BABY(2229) or contact us online.