How Surrogacy Works in Arkansas [6 Steps]

Understanding the Arkansas surrogacy process is the first step to your surrogacy journey. Our specialists are ready to help you along the way with each and every step.

Let American Surrogacy help you through the surrogacy process.

If you’ve been considering and researching surrogacy, you’ve already started the process. Learning as much as you can and determining if surrogacy is right for you is the first part of going through the Arkansas surrogacy process. But you may still have questions.

You can get started with a surrogacy specialist at any time for detailed information. Learn more about our process for surrogates and intended parents hoping to take the steps to surrogacy.

Process for Surrogates:

Step 1: Get Started with an Agency

It’s important to feel comfortable and supported throughout your journey. By working with American Surrogacy, you can rest assured that someone is there to have your back throughout the Arkansas surrogacy process.

Step 2: Complete the Surrogate Screening Process

There are requirements you need to meet when becoming a surrogate. Meeting these standards and going through in-home assessments and background checks is the second step of the surrogacy process in Arkansas.

Step 3: Match with Intended Parents

It’s exciting to review the profiles of intended parents who choose you to carry their child. You will discuss your preferences when it comes to working with intended parents with your surrogacy specialist.

Step 4: Begin the Legal Process

As a surrogate, you will have an attorney to assist you with the legal process of surrogacy in Arkansas. They will come up with a contract to:

  • Establish surrogate compensation

  • Help legal paperwork and orders be processed smoothly when the baby is born

  • Map out the roles and responsibilities of both parties

  • Prepare everyone involved for potential scenarios and establish a plan

Step 5: Complete the Embryo Transfer

You will work with the intended parents’ fertility clinic to complete the embryo transfer. The embryo will be created using IVF by combining the sperm and egg of the intended parents or that of a donor. Then the embryo will be transferred to you. You will likely take fertility mediation in advance to prepare for successful implantation. After the embryo is transferred you will need to rest and take it easy for a few days.

Step 6: Help Intended Parents Have a Family

The labor and delivery is the moment everyone has been waiting for. Once you’ve given this precious gift to the intended parents, be sure to take the time to rest and recuperate. You’ve given an amazing gift bringing this miracle into the world and you will be connected to this family forever.

Process for Intended Parents:

Step 1: Get started with an agency

The best way to begin your process with surrogacy in Arkansas is to connect with American Surrogacy. By working with an agency, you will get one-on-one assistance throughout the entire process. Our surrogacy specialists are ready to help you from step one through the end.

Step 2: Complete the Intended Parent Screening Process

This step is to ensure you are ready for Arkansas’ surrogacy process. Your surrogacy specialist will sit down with you to discuss the surrogacy process and what will be expected of you so you can determine if you are ready for the journey ahead.  You’ll be asked to fill out a Surrogacy Planning Questionnaire that will be used to plan out your surrogacy process. We’ll run background checks to make sure your baby will be raised in a safe and nurturing environment.

Step 3: Match with a Surrogate.

As you prepare for the surrogacy process, you will create a profile that will include your surrogacy preferences. This will help you match with a surrogate with the same goals as you do in the surrogacy process in Arkansas.

Step 4: Begin the Legal Process.

Through American Surrogacy, you can connect with a lawyer who is established in the Arkansas surrogacy process. The attorney will assist in updating you on your rights and creating a legal contract that outlines the responsibilities and expectations as well as possible risks.

Step 5: Complete the embryo transfer.

For this step you will decide on the egg and sperm used in the Arkansas surrogacy process. Some people will choose to use their own egg and/or sperm. You also have the choice to use an egg or sperm donor. If you choose to use your egg, you will be administered a course of drugs to stimulate the production of multiple eggs. You may also use embryos from previous IVF cycles. No matter what you choose, there will then be a transfer to the surrogate and they will then take a pregnancy test after a few weeks to ensure the success of the transfer.

Step 6: Bring Your Baby Home

After a hospital stay to ensure your baby is healthy and ready to go, you will finally be able to take your precious baby home.

The surrogacy process can feel long, but it is so rewarding. Whether you becoming a surrogate and helping a family achieve their dreams of parenthood, or intended parents finally receiving that missing piece in their lives, American Surrogacy is ready to help you. Fill out our online form to get started with surrogacy journey today.