Types of Surrogacy in Florida: Gestational, Compensated, and More

All the Different Types of Surrogacy in Florida

Considering surrogacy in Florida? You'll first need to decide what is right for you: gestational surrogacy, traditional surrogacy, compensated surrogacy, altruistic surrogacy, or another path.

If you’re considering surrogacy in Florida, you have some important decisions to make. The most important? Determining which type of surrogacy journey is right for you.

No two surrogacies are the same. Every surrogacy is shaped by the preferences of the parties involved. Your own desires and needs will determine what type of surrogacy is best for you.

While choosing a surrogacy path can be difficult, American Surrogacy is here to help. Our specialists are always happy to answer your questions about the different types of surrogacy in Florida and how we can guide you through these journeys. Having the right professional by your side will make all the difference.

Want to learn more today? Give us a call at 1-800-875-BABY(2229) or contact us online. In the meantime, we’ve provided a rundown of each type of surrogacy in Florida below.

Gestational Surrogacy in Florida

Whether you’re a prospective surrogate or intended parent, a Florida gestational surrogacy will be your likely path. Gestational surrogacy offers many advantages, and many professionals — including American Surrogacy — will only complete this type of surrogacy, in the best interest of their clients.

Gestational surrogacy in Florida requires that a surrogate is not related to the child she carries. Instead, the intended parents create an embryo with their own gametes or with donated gametes, which is then transferred to the surrogate’s uterus.

So, why choose gestational surrogacy in Florida?

  • Legal protection, as the surrogate is not the mother of the child and has no inherent parental rights
  • Ethical protection, because a surrogate will not be placing “her own” child with intended parents and receiving payment for doing so
  • Emotional protection, because the surrogate is less likely to become emotionally attached to the child she carries
  • Professional protection, because agencies and attorneys will only complete gestational surrogacies

American Surrogacy urges all intended parents and surrogates in the Sunshine State to consider the advantages of a Florida gestational surrogacy. We are always happy to explain how that process looks with our agency, whatever your personal circumstances.

Traditional Surrogacy in Florida

In contrast to gestational surrogacy, some people complete a traditional surrogacy in Florida. In traditional surrogacy, a surrogate uses her own eggs to create the embryo, meaning the child she carries is biologically related to her. However, this path comes with its own risks — so we encourage anyone considering this option to speak with a local attorney.

There are certain traditional surrogacy laws in Florida outlining the process, because the biological relationship between a surrogate and the child she carries makes things complicated. In fact, many professionals will not complete a Florida traditional surrogacy, because:

  • A surrogate has legal rights to the baby she carries. She has the right to rescind her consent to placement within 48 hours of the baby’s birth — assuming parental rights and responsibilities for the child.
  • A surrogate may become emotionally attached to the baby she carries.
  • A surrogate cannot be paid base compensation for her work because of her biological connection to the child.

Traditional surrogacy is rare and comes with substantial risks. However, if you’re considering a Florida traditional surrogacy, please reach out to a local attorney for more information on how this process will work.

Compensated Surrogacy in Florida

Compensated, or “paid,” surrogacy is legal in Florida, allowing intended parents to fully express their gratitude by paying a surrogate for her life-changing services.

During a compensated surrogacy, all financial details are handled by professionals. And, when you work with American Surrogacy, we make the process as easy as possible for you. We offer a competitive base compensation rate for surrogates, which is negotiated and finalized by experienced Florida attorneys. We also help intended parents employ an escrow service, so payments are made ethically and legally. 

We believe all surrogates should be fairly compensated for their incredible services. If you feel the same, give us a call at 1-800-875-BABY(2229) to get started with your journey.

Altruistic Surrogacy in Florida

In other cases, a surrogate may present her services to intended parents (usually loved ones) for free. While intended parents will still be responsible for all of her pregnancy- and surrogacy-related costs, she will carry for them and waive her right to base compensation.

These are equally beautiful journeys, and American Surrogacy is happy to help coordinate them. If you’re considering an altruistic, gestational surrogacy in Florida with someone you know (like a friend or family member), contact our team to learn more today.

Gay Surrogacy in Florida

The options for becoming an LGBTQ parent are better than ever — and gay surrogacy in Florida provides you the chance to be genetically related to your future child.

American Surrogacy is proud to welcome all kinds of parents to our agency, and we’ve helped many LGBTQ individuals add to their families. In Florida, gay surrogacy is legal and available, and you can make your parenthood dreams a reality here. In many ways, your family-building journey will be the same as that of a heterosexual intended parent.

One thing that’s the same? The need for an experienced professional. So, if you’re considering a gay surrogacy in Florida, give our specialists a call to learn more and get started.

Single-Parent Surrogacy in Florida

The desire to be a parent can come at any point in someone’s life. If you desperately want to be a parent but don’t have a spouse to raise a child with, single-parent surrogacy in Florida is available to you. You will face no additional scrutiny or have to meet additional requirements to pursue this family-building journey. As long as you aware of the realities of single parenting and are prepared for them, American Surrogacy is happy to help guide you forward.

We’ve helped many single parents achieve their parenting goals, and we’re happy to do the same for you!


As you can see, there are many types of surrogacy in Florida. You may be overwhelmed figuring out which are right for you. Don’t worry — American Surrogacy is here to help.

As a national, experienced surrogacy agency, we can answer all of your questions about surrogacy in Florida and describe what your journey will look like with us. And, if we can’t meet your surrogacy needs, we can connect you to professionals in our extended network to help you get started.

Wherever you’re at in your surrogacy journey, don’t be a stranger. Give us a call at 1-800-875-BABY(2229) or contact us online anytime.