How to Be a Surrogate Mother in Florida

If you're thinking about becoming a surrogate in Florida, there are some things you'll need to know first. Here, learn about surrogacy compensation in Florida, the process for being a surrogate in Florida and more.

Being a surrogate is an experience unlike anything else. Getting to partner with intended parents and make their dreams come true — by doing something that comes so easily to you! — is a beautiful and rewarding journey to take.

So, if you’re thinking of becoming a surrogate in Florida, you’ve come to the right place.

American Surrogacy can guide you through every step of being a surrogate in Florida. With a professional by your side, you can know that you are protected and cared for during this complicated process.

Becoming a gestational carrier in Florida is a journey you’ll remember for the rest of your life. We want to make it as easy as possible for you.

Below, you can learn more about being a surrogate mother in Florida — the process, the surrogate pay in Florida and more. But, if you want to speak to a professional about your options, don’t hesitate to reach out at 1-800-875-BABY(2229) or contact us online. Our staff will always be happy to hear from you.

How to Be a Surrogate Mother in Florida

The first step in becoming a surrogate mother in Florida? Understanding exactly what awaits you.

Being a gestational carrier is a huge commitment. While there are countless rewards and advantages to pursuing this path, there are also some sacrifices that must be made. As a surrogate, you will give a great deal of your time and energy to helping another family, sometimes at the expense of your own. We encourage you to do your research and talk to your spouse about being a surrogate in Florida before moving forward. (We’re also available anytime to answer your questions.)

While every carrier’s experience is different, she usually completes three general steps along the way:

Step 1: Meet Requirements for Being a Surrogate in FL

The desire to be a gestational carrier is just one prerequisite to this journey. In order to become a surrogate, you must meet a few other requirements. At American Surrogacy, these include:

We encourage prospective surrogates to contact our specialists anytime to learn more about these requirements. Exceptions to these criteria may be made on a case-by-case basis, and we are always happy to discuss your personal situation if you are interested in being a surrogate in Florida with our agency.

Step 2: Find Intended Parents

Once you pass initial screening, we will work to match you with intended parents. As a national agency, we work with intended parents across the country. Whether you wish to work with parents in Florida or parents in another state, we will find the perfect fit for you.

Using your surrogacy preferences, we will locate intended parents who share the same desires and goals for their family-building journey. Just like you, these parents will be fully screened and approved for the surrogacy process — ready to get started right away.

We will then coordinate a video call between you and them. You can ask any remaining questions you have and feel out how this relationship might work. If both of you are comfortable moving forward, you’ll complete some additional screening at their fertility clinic and then finalize a surrogacy contract.

At this point, you will become a surrogate mother in Florida — and the fun will begin!

Step 3: Complete the Medical Process of Surrogacy

A gestational pregnancy involves a few more steps than a traditional pregnancy. You will work with the intended parents’ fertility clinic to prepare for embryo transfer by taking fertility medications. When their doctor says you’re ready, you’ll undergo the transfer itself — a fairly easy and painless process.

Once your pregnancy is confirmed, you will receive the rest of your prenatal care from your local obstetrician. This part of being a surrogate in Florida is a fairly easy process; you’ll focus on having a healthy pregnancy and maintaining contact with your intended parents. When it comes time to deliver, they will travel to you, and you will give birth according to your pre-arranged hospital plan.

At this point, your surrogacy journey will be complete. The intended parents will take their baby home, you will receive your final surrogate mother pay in Florida, and you can be satisfied in knowing you have helped those parents achieve their deepest desire.

How Much Do Surrogate Mothers Get Paid in Florida?

Here at American Surrogacy, we believe every gestational carrier has the right to receive base compensation. We also know that “How much do surrogates get paid in Florida?” is one of the biggest questions you may have at this point. That’s why we’re dedicated to honesty, transparency and fairness when it comes to our agency’s compensation rates.

Our surrogacy compensation rate in Florida is competitive; every surrogate is entitled to at least $30,000. You’ll find comparable rates from other national agencies. We also frequently pay carriers more based on their experience and location. The best way to find out what surrogacy compensation in Florida you might receive is to contact our specialists.

Keep in mind that surrogate mother pay in Florida is only half of the equation. As a surrogate, you will receive payments and reimbursements for all of your pregnancy- and surrogacy-related costs. Surrogacy will never cost you a dime, and your specialist will always advocate for your financial interests. You can contact us anytime to receive a copy of our expenses and compensation outline.

Surrogate pay in Florida is a hot topic, but we’ll never shy away from answering your questions and giving you the information you need. Give our specialists a call at 1-800-875-BABY(2229) to learn more about how to be a surrogate mother in Florida today.