How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Alaska?

We provide financial clarity so you aren’t burdened by unexpected costs through your surrogacy journey. Learn more about what you can expect throughout the process.

The path to surrogacy is filled with an assortment of emotions. When it comes to figuring out the cost of surrogacy in Alaska with other agencies, you may be left feeling confused and stressed. With American Surrogacy, we believe transparency is key to instilling you with confidence on your journey.

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While it may feel priceless to have the family you’ve always dreamed of having, it’s important to be clear about what you will be financially responsible for in the process.

We’ve laid out the costs of surrogacy in Alaska and what you can expect to pay throughout the process.

Agency Fees

An agency fee is a fixed fee that is included in your cost of surrogacy in Alaska. This covers services provided by the agency as they work with you through the surrogacy process. This includes:

  • Background checks
  • Screenings
  • Support and education
  • Advertising
  • Marketing

Advertising Fees

The Alaska cost for surrogates includes the advertising fees which help you find your ideal surrogate. Many intended parents don’t have an identified surrogate as they begin the surrogacy process and rely on the agency’s advertising services. Through the agency’s online and traditional advertising and network of surrogacy professionals, you have a better chance of being quickly matched.

Matching Services

After reaching a pool of prospective surrogates through advertising, we can help you find the right match. The matching services fee covers screenings, background checks, medical evaluations, psychological evaluations and home assessments for both the intended parents and the surrogate. Through our extensive matching services, we can connect you with a surrogate whose needs, plans and goals best match your own in an average of 30-90-days.

Counseling, Education and Support

There is so much to take in as you go through the surrogacy process. Our surrogacy specialists are there to help you navigate the process, provide education and support and find counseling services. These services account for a small portion of your overall surrogacy cost breakdown in Alaska, but it is such a vital piece of support.

Legal Services

The cost of surrogacy in Alaska includes the legal services required to create the legal contracts associated with each party’s responsibilities. These expenses will vary based on the amount of legal work required by your circumstances and family situations. A surrogacy contract will be drawn between the surrogate and intended parents to outline potential risks, responsibilities, compensation and more.

Medical Expenses

There are many medical procedures and appointments throughout your surrogacy journey, and they make up a large portion of the cost of surrogacy in Alaska. You will need to pay for IVF treatments, fertility medications, or the service to create an embryo from a donor’s egg or sperm. You are also responsible for all prenatal care costs.

Surrogate Compensation & Reimbursement

Surrogate compensation is another major expense you can plan for in your surrogacy costs. You will provide base compensation to your surrogate for her service. In addition, you will cover all of her legal, medical, counseling and travel expenses. She will receive a monthly allowance to cover these expenses, and supplemental payments for things like maternity clothes, lost wages and potential procedures during the pregnancy.

Working with American Surrogacy

Decoding the costs of surrogacy in Alaska can feel tricky and confusing. When you work with American Surrogacy, you don’t have to wonder about surprise fees or being misled by false advertisements. We want your journey through surrogacy to be as smooth and positive as possible. We offer financial clarity to help you feel good about your decision. Our fixed fee structure takes away the confusion of Alaska’s cost for surrogacy.

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