Are You Ready for Another Baby? Starting Another Surrogacy Journey

A baby can bring a great deal of joy into your life. If you’ve had a child through the surrogacy process, you know all the hard work, time and effort it took was all worth it.

But, what if you’re thinking of adding a second pair of little feet to your family?

Many people — whether they had a child traditionally or through a process such as adoption or surrogacy — find the idea of a second child to be appealing. You will give your older child a sibling to grow up with, and you’ll get to experience the beauty of childbirth and parenting an infant all over again.

But, if you had your first child through gestational surrogacy, there’s a bit more to consider. Starting the surrogacy process again (or exploring other infertility options) is a big commitment. How do you know whether your family is ready for another little one?

Remember that your specialist at American Surrogacy will always be here to talk to you about your options, even if you’re just testing the waters about a second surrogacy journey. Don’t be afraid to reach out at 1-800-875-BABY(2229) or online today to talk to our experts.

In the meantime, here are some questions you might ask yourself before moving forward with a second surrogacy journey:

1. Are you financially prepared?

Bringing home any baby requires a great deal of financial planning. It’s no secret that infants are expensive. If you’re thinking about having another child, your childcare and child supply costs will double. While you will save some money on hand-me-down supplies from your first child, you should be prepared to spend just as much on medical expenses for your second child as your first.

If a second child requires a surrogacy journey, there are additional costs to consider. Can you afford the tens of thousands of dollars it requires to complete the gestational surrogacy process — while also maintaining financial stability for your other child? Before you decide to have another child via surrogacy, we recommend speaking with a financial planner. They can give you a better idea of your financial situation and whether surrogacy is a possibility for your family at this time.

There are certainly ways to make surrogacy more affordable, but are you ready for the financial requirements of going through this journey again?

2. Have you considered all of your family-building options?

Many intended parents have such a wonderful experience with gestational surrogacy that they are excited to go through the process again. And that’s great! But, just as you did before your first surrogacy journey, it’s important that you consider all of your family-building options again.

Simply by having a child now, your family situation is different than it was when you started your first surrogacy journey. You may find that a different family-building option (such as adoption) fits your family’s needs a little better this time around. Surrogacy is not right for every family at every time in their life, even if they’ve already completed the process once. That’s why it’s so important to speak with a surrogacy specialist and your reproductive endocrinologist to learn more about your options — keeping in mind your personal financial situation, reproductive health and more.

When you’re ready to discuss a second gestational surrogacy, feel free to contact your surrogacy specialist for more information.

3. How will your older child’s age play into your decision?

For many families, there is a “sweet spot” when it comes to the best time to have another child. For some, it’s as soon as possible after their first, while other parents wait a few years to recover from their first experience of parenting.

Intended parents should always consider their eldest child’s age when thinking about adding another child to their family. Gestational surrogacy can take a year or more to complete, so you’ll need to factor that into the future age difference between your children. The decision of when the “right time” is will always be up to you, but here are some things to consider:

  • If your first child is still young: Having siblings close in age can be the best option for some intended parents. They are able to tackle the diaper and infant stage quickly, and their children share the same milestones around roughly the same time. However, depending on how long it’s been since your first child was born, you may not have the financial savings or mental fortitude to jump back into the gestational surrogacy process right away.
  • If your first child is older: If it’s been several years or more since your child is born, you will already have a large age gap between your children — and it will get larger because of surrogacy’s timeline. Are you prepared to go through the challenges of raising a newborn again? Are you ready to add another 18 years (or more) onto your time as a parent with a child at home? Do you still have young, healthy embryos that can be used in the surrogacy process? You may not be keen on the idea of being a parent to a smaller child again, and that’s totally okay!

Ultimately, the decision of whether to start the surrogacy journey again will always be up to you. It may take many honest conversations between you and your spouse (if applicable) before determining whether gestational surrogacy is a path you want to take again.

Remember: If you ever have questions or want more information about how a repeat surrogacy journey works, please contact your surrogacy specialist anytime.

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