How to Find a Surrogate Mother

Are you looking for a surrogate? Here’s how to find a surrogate mother in three steps.

Successfully navigating surrogacy involves various steps, and the most important is finding a surrogate mother who aligns with your goals. This person will be your partner throughout the surrogacy journey, significantly impacting both your lives.

However, finding a gestational carrier on your own can be challenging and risky. At American Surrogacy, we offer guidance on finding a surrogate who aligns with your surrogacy plan, while allowing you to choose the surrogate that’s right for you.

Our team is always available to dive deeper into the process and discuss how to find a surrogate mother based on your specific surrogacy goals. We understand how important it is to find a compatible gestational carrier and are committed to supporting you at every step, ensuring a stress-free experience for intended parents.

To begin the process of finding a surrogate mother, please call us at 1-800-875-2229 (BABY). You can also reach out to us online to connect with a specialist who can walk you through how to find a surrogate.

In the meantime, here are three steps that you’ll need to take to find a surrogate.

Step 1: Partner with a Reputable Surrogacy Agency

Working with the right surrogacy agency, like American Surrogacy, can help you find a surrogate who’s been thoroughly screened. With over 20 years of matching experience through our sister agency, American Adoptions, we know what it takes to consistently bring in high-quality surrogates to our agency.

Our outreach means that even if you can’t find a surrogate from our “available surrogates” page, we can help you find the perfect surrogate through our extensive database. We also network with various attorneys, fertility clinics and social workers across the country to give you the highest chance at finding a surrogate that fits your needs.

Step 2: Get to Know Your Surrogate Through a Conference Call

Once you find a surrogate that’s the perfect fit, your surrogacy specialist will set up a conference call. This is your chance to solidify your match by asking the surrogate any questions you may have. This can help you decide if you’re comfortable working with her for the next year or so.

You’ll be able to decide how frequently you want to communicate with the surrogate and we will always be there to help you mediate communication if you need. Your specialist will also help you prepare for this conversation by giving you additional information about the surrogate’s preferences and by suggesting additional topics of conversation.

Step 3: Confirm the Match with a Surrogacy Contract 

The final step in how to find a surrogate is drafting a surrogacy contract that outlines all agreements and responsibilities of everyone involved. This contract not only lays out expectations but also addresses any risks and liabilities in case an unexpected event occurs.

You and your surrogate will both need lawyers and your surrogacy specialist will help coordinate this legal process. Once the surrogacy contract is signed, your search to find a surrogate will be complete and you’ll be ready to move forward with the rest of the surrogacy process.

We take great pride in helping both intended parents and surrogates find highly qualified surrogate partners. To learn more about how to find a surrogate with American Surrogacy, contact us at any time. We’re always ready to help make your dreams of becoming parents a reality.

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