What if Embryo Transfer Doesn’t Work?

Becoming a parent through surrogacy can be a beautiful journey, but the journey can be long. At American Surrogacy, we can help you even if your embryo transfer doesn’t take.

You can fulfill your dreams of becoming a parent through surrogacy, but an unsuccessful embryo transfer can be difficult news when you’ve already been on a long journey to parenthood.

At American Surrogacy, we protect you if an embryo transfer doesn’t work, so you can rest easy and focus on preparing for your new family member. You can get more information by calling 1-800-875-2229 or connecting with one of our surrogacy specialists.

Here is how we handle embryo transfers that don’t work out:

First Embryo Transfer

The first embryo transfer with your surrogate can be exciting—you will likely have spent months or more preparing for this moment. You will have spent time getting information, finding a great surrogate, working out the details of your surrogate agreement, and preparing medically for the transfer procedure.

You will likely have spent a significant amount of time, energy, and money preparing, and there is no guarantee that your first transfer will be successful.

When your anticipation and excitement end in disappointment at an unsuccessful transfer, you can be left with many questions. With some surrogacy agencies, you may be required to pay again to find another surrogate. You may find yourself with another long wait time or may have to stop your surrogacy journey, but not with American Surrogacy.

At American Surrogacy, we will match you with another surrogate, and you can repeat the embryo transfer process without paying again for matching with a surrogate.

Second Embryo Transfer and Beyond

Even if your first and second embryo transfers don’t take, American Surrogacy will help you find another surrogate, and you can continue the process of surrogacy with no extra charges, which means you can have peace of mind for the surrogacy process.

American Surrogacy will continue to help you until you run out of embryos or you decide to end the process, and even then, you have options for your family.

Gamete or Embryo Donation

When you run out of embryos, you can always seek out gamete or embryo donation to continue your surrogacy journey, although this may take extra steps.

If you have sperm or eggs, you can seek out a donor for one or the other.  Sperm donation can be relatively quick, while egg donation can take longer due to the egg retrieval process. Both sperm and egg donations may also require health screenings, which could add time to your surrogacy journey.

But ultimately, gamete and embryo donation means that you can continue your surrogacy journey even if you run out of your initial embryos.

Ending Your Surrogacy Journey

Pregnancy always has some unpredictability. Some intended parents end their journey sooner than they expect, and some intended parents can make multiple attempts at a surrogate pregnancy without success. In these unfortunate situations, many intended parents spend many thousands of dollars and come away disappointed.

The money and time you spend on surrogacy may mean that other options for growing your family may be more difficult when you decide to change course.

When this happens at many surrogacy agencies, there isn’t a lot you can do. You may be at square one for financial planning, or you may just have to accept that your money is gone.

But at American Surrogacy, we know how important your plans are and how much you have anticipated this journey. We make sure you are protected from financial loss— we make some of your fees refundable so that if you choose to end your surrogacy journey, other options for growing your family can still be within reach.

Get Help Now

No matter where you are in your surrogacy journey, American Surrogacy can help you through the whole journey, even if you have had unsuccessful surrogacy attempts. Connect with our surrogacy specialists here or call 1-800-875-2229.

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