Why It’s Important to Be Honest with Your Surrogacy Application

We understand — when you’re applying to be a surrogate, you want to put your best foot forward. No one is perfect, and you may have personal history or circumstances that are less-than-ideal. You may think omitting or lying about them in your surrogate application is no big deal.

It’s actually the complete opposite. It’s a huge deal.

Here at American Surrogacy, we are dedicated to providing a safe and successful surrogacy journey for those women who are eligible. But that’s the key — a safe surrogacy experience is only possible for those who meet certain requirements.

You may think you will be fine moving forward with surrogacy, even if you don’t meet surrogacy requirements, but this is a dangerous situation for all involved. Why? Learn more below.

Why We Set Certain Surrogacy Requirements

American Surrogacy, like all reputable surrogacy professionals, demands that all prospective surrogates meet certain requirements before being approved for this process. Surrogacy is not an easy journey; it requires a great deal of time and energy from a woman, and she must be mentally and physically healthy enough to withstand potential challenges along the way.

Every requirement that our agency sets has an important explanation behind it. They serve to protect you from the emotional and physical risks of surrogacy.


  • Surrogates must have had one successful previous pregnancy to demonstrate their experience with the pregnancy process and the risks and challenges associated with it.
  • Surrogates must be done completing their family in case they lose their fertility during the surrogacy process.
  • Surrogates must have no untreated trauma or abuse, because the intimate dealings of their body will be exposed during surrogacy and allow them little control over what many see as an extremely private process.
  • Surrogates cannot be on antidepressants or antianxiety medication because of the potential emotional stressors of the surrogacy journey.
  • Surrogates must not be on state financial assistance to ensure they are not choosing this path simply for the compensation.
  • Surrogates must be raising their own children at home to alleviate some of mood swings that may result from returning home without a child after childbirth.

These are just a few of the requirements we set at American Surrogacy. Believe us when we say that every little requirement you must meet to become a surrogate has a purpose. Our specialists will be happy to explain them to you and evaluate the possibility of exceptions to be made for your circumstances.

We understand the desire to be a surrogate can seem like enough to overlook some of these requirements, but trust us — they are non-negotiable for your own safety.

Why It’s Important to Be Honest

As mentioned, surrogacy is not easy. It will require you to give up a year of more of your time and a great deal of your energy to become pregnant with and carry an intended parent’s child. There are many moving parts, which means there are also many opportunities for mistakes or delays.

But, when surrogates and intended parents are honest about their backgrounds and hopes and desires for surrogacy, the process moves much more smoothly. The success of surrogacy often centers on the strength of the relationship between the two partners. And that relationship is built on trust and honesty.

To protect yourself and the intended parents you will match with, you must be honest about not only your expectations but also your personal background. That is the only way our team can match you with intended parents who share your preferences and give you a surrogacy experience you are happy with.

The Truth Will Come Out

Every now and then, a woman will apply to our agency. Her paperwork will show that she meets every requirement to become a surrogate — but, upon screening by medical and mental health professionals, it becomes obvious that her personal background and history is not what she says it is. Often, she knows that she does not meet one of the requirements to become a surrogate, and so she instead lied about that requirement on her initial application.

Our surrogates go through extensive screening prior to being approved for the surrogacy process. While we trust our surrogates, it’s for liability reasons that we can’t just accept a woman based on her application alone. Intended parents are looking for a surrogate who can give them the best chance of a successful pregnancy, and it’s our team’s responsibility to ensure that prior to any matching of surrogacy partners.

What we’re trying to say? That at some point along the line, the truth about your personal and medical history will come out. It’s so much better to be honest from the very beginning. If you are, our specialists might be able to work in an exception to the rule. If you wait until later on to tell us — or we find out from a medical professional — you will have wasted a great deal of time and energy, and our team would be very unlikely to let you move forward with the surrogacy process.

We know surrogacy requirements can be frustrating and confusing, especially if you are new to the surrogacy process. Please contact our specialists anytime online or by calling 1-800-875-BABY(2229) for more information on what exceptions may be made for your circumstances.

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