LGBT Surrogacy Services

LGBT Surrogacy Services


Helping the LGBT Community Grow Their Families

As the marriage laws continue to change in this country, American Surrogacy is joining in the celebration by helping LGBT couples begin and grow their families.

If you choose our surrogacy program, a surrogacy specialist will work with you to develop your surrogacy plan, which will include:

  • the requirements for your surrogacy, such as a sperm donor, egg donor or embryo adoption.

  • the type of surrogate you are seeking

  • how much contact you want to share with your surrogate now and in the future

  • and much more

Our network of assisted reproductive technologies attorneys are experts in determining the best method of fully legalizing your surrogacy. Based on your situation, the genetic donors used, and the laws of your state, your attorney will take the best legal course of action, whether through a pre-birth order, a full adoption, a stepparent adoption, or a second parent adoption to ensure both you and your partner are the legal parents of your child.

Here are other benefits of working with American Surrogacy:

  • We work with many surrogates who specifically want to help gay couples become parents.

  • Our surrogacy program helps maintain identity formation for the child by recommending the use of non-anonymous donors, requiring the registration of the donor sibling registry, and encouraging an open contact arrangement now and in the future between intended parents and surrogates.

  • Of course you will have plenty of questions throughout the surrogacy process, but you will likely also have many questions while your child is growing up. We are here to help you not only during your journey with surrogacy, but also throughout your journey as parents of a child born from surrogacy.

Our surrogacy specialists are excited to work with you and your partner on this exciting stage in your lives! Please contact us today to learn more about our LGBT surrogacy program.