Finding the Perfect Gay-Friendly Surrogacy Agency

If you're considering surrogacy as an LGBT couple, it's important to find the right gay surrogacy agency to help you become parents. American Surrogacy can help.

When you decide that surrogacy is the way you want to build your family, the next big decision to make is finding the surrogacy professional that’s right for you. When you’re an LGBT individual, finding gay-friendly surrogacy agencies may add extra pressure to this step in your surrogacy journey.

Fortunately, American Surrogacy is proud to be known as a gay surrogacy agency that assists many LGBT individuals with adding a child to their family. We offer the same quality and quantity of services for all of our clients, regardless of sexual orientation, and we’re committed to inclusive policies that make all LGBT individuals comfortable with our surrogacy specialists and surrogates.

Choosing who to work with as you embark on this life-changing journey is a monumental decision, and American Surrogacy understands that. That’s why you’re always welcome to contact our surrogacy specialists anytime with your questions and to discuss your situation in more detail.

Here are some things to consider when you start looking for surrogacy agencies for your parenthood journey:

Why is It Important to Find an LGBT Surrogacy Agency?

When you go through the surrogacy process to become a parent, it will be complicated — from finding the perfect surrogate to the legal aspects to the medical process involved. Adding in an element of prejudice and discrimination from your professional because of your sexual orientation will only make things more stressful for you. That’s why it’s so important that you find a same-sex-friendly surrogacy agency. Just like any heterosexual couple, you have the right to a professional who treats you with respect throughout your surrogacy process — and taking the steps to ensure this will make the process so much easier.

While there are certainly surrogacy agencies who welcome LGBT individuals, if they don’t expressly state their commitment to being LGBT-friendly, you may still face challenges that you wouldn’t with other, more expressively gay-friendly surrogacy agencies. For example, while you may receive the same level of respect from that agency, there may be a smaller pool of surrogates to choose from who are willing to carry a baby for an LGBT couple. Instead, when you work with a surrogacy agency like American Surrogacy that actively involves LGBT couples and openly expresses its support, you can usually expect more potential surrogates — and, therefore, a shorter wait time.

How to Find the Perfect Gay Surrogacy Agency

You know that finding a same-sex surrogacy agency is integral to a successful LGBT surrogacy process, but how do you make sure that you find the right surrogacy professional for your family? The key to this decision is fully researching each professional that you consider, as well as taking the time to learn more about them through a conversation, if possible.

Usually, a good place to start searching for gay surrogacy agencies is through other LGBT couples who have completed the surrogacy process. These parents can give you personal stories of the experiences they’ve had with certain professionals, which will give you a good idea of which professionals to consider and which to avoid. You might want to look at certain LGBT surrogacy agencies’ reviews on LGBT-surrogacy-focused websites, like Before you even contact a surrogacy agency, it’s important that you research as much as possible to know better what to expect.

When you do decide to contact a particular same-sex surrogacy agency, you should take the time to think about what you want to learn during your initial conversation. The main goal of this conversation should be to make sure that a surrogacy professional is the perfect fit for you — especially that the professional is LGBT-friendly.

Some good questions to ask to determine this are:

  • How many LGBT couples have successfully completed surrogacies with you?

  • What is the typical wait time before a match for LGBT couples?

  • How many surrogates do you have that are willing to carry a baby for same-sex couples?

  • What kind of inclusive policies, counseling and support does your organization offer for LGBT intended parents?

When you contact American Surrogacy, you can know that these questions will be answered to your satisfaction. Our surrogacy specialists take great steps to ensure that every LGBT individual who works with us is comfortable, respected and excited to start their family with our surrogacy process. Before you ever have to commit to working with our agency, we’ll give you a chance to make sure it’s the perfect fit — and we’ll support whatever decision you make for your parenthood journey.

To learn more about how we ensure American Surrogacy remains a gay-friendly surrogacy agency, please feel free to call our surrogacy specialists today at 1-800-875-2229.