International Surrogacy Articles

When hopeful parents decide that surrogacy is the right option for their family, they're usually thrilled to get started. But, with so many countries around the world offering surrogacy options, it can sometimes be overwhelming to decide where exactly to complete the surrogacy process.

While surrogacy outside of the U.S. may have been popular in previous years, it's important to know that the legal and practical landscape of international surrogacy is always changing. Finding a safe, legal place to have a child through surrogacy can seem impossible, especially in the new restrictive era of international surrogacy — which is why American Surrogacy has answered some of your biggest questions in the articles below.

We know that choosing surrogacy is a big commitment and that you only want to complete the process that's best for your family. That's why we believe in fully informing all intended parents about the reality of the international surrogacy process so they can make an educated decision. To learn more about potential risks and the truth behind the process, please call our surrogacy specialists at 1-800-875-2229(BABY) or read our articles listed below.