How We Find Surrogates for all Gay Couples

Finding the perfect surrogate is an integral part of your surrogacy process, which is why w we work closely with all gay couples looking for surrogate mothers.

If you’re a gay couple looking for a surrogate mother, you’ve come to the right place.

At American Surrogacy, we celebrate all kinds of intended parents, and we welcome all LGBT intended parents who want to grow their family through surrogacy. Not only will we help you through every step of your surrogacy process, we can help you find a surrogate that’s just right for your family. We believe that everyone has the right to become a parent — and, fortunately, so do many women who choose to become surrogates.

When you work with us to complete your surrogacy process, you can know that you will find a surrogate for your parenthood journey — and she will be just as excited as you are to start working together. To learn more, you can always view some of our available surrogates here and speak to a surrogacy specialist with any questions you have by calling 1-800-875-2229.

In the meantime, here are some important things you should know about how we find a surrogate for gay couples like you.

Finding a Surrogate Mother for a Gay Couple

Sometimes, when LGBT individuals start researching the surrogacy process, they get nervous that they won’t find a surrogate willing to carry their child. While this is a logical concern, it’s actually not a valid one — as there are many surrogates for gay couples throughout the United States waiting to help build families.

When women choose to become surrogates, they do so because they want to help others in need become parents. And, arguably, one of the largest populations in need of this assistance is same-sex couples. While surrogates always have the choice of what characteristics they’re comfortable with in intended parents, many women are thrilled at the chance to become a surrogate for a gay couple. Some even choose surrogacy with that as their intention. Women who choose to become surrogates usually aren’t concerned with what intended parents look like; they just want to find intended parents that are excited about the surrogacy process and fully committed to raising a child and giving them the best life possible.

There will be no differences in the process because you are part of a gay couple looking for a surrogate mother. Because we are an equal-opportunity surrogacy professional, you will not have to meet any extra requirements; you will go through the exact same clearance and matching process as any heterosexual couple.

How We Find the Right Surrogate for You

Unlike other surrogacy professionals, American Surrogacy takes extra steps to make sure that both parties of a surrogacy — intended parents and surrogates — are comfortable with a match before moving forward. As the intended parents, you will have the ultimate choice of deciding which surrogate is right for you. But, if you’re a gay couple seeking a surrogate, how do you find the perfect one?

When our surrogates start the matching process, they fill out their preferences for intended parents. This includes whether they are willing to carry a child for a same-sex couple. Once you start working with our surrogacy specialists, they will present to you profiles of these women who are willing to carry for same-sex couples.

While this is a great way to start matching surrogates and intended parents, we don’t let this be the only deciding factor. You will receive more information about the surrogate (including her compensation requirements and personal background), and she’ll receive information on you. If you’re both interested in working with each other, we’ll set up a conversation or meeting between the two of you where you can ask any questions you have of each other. Then, if you’re both sure the match is right, we’ll start moving forward with the rest of the surrogacy process.

Start Finding Your Surrogate Today

American Surrogacy understands how important it is to find the right surrogate for your surrogacy pregnancy. When you’re a gay couple looking for a surrogate mother, we know that you may initially worry about prejudice and discrimination. But, there’s no need for concern with American Surrogacy; we will help you find the perfect surrogate to build your family, one that you will be comfortable working with throughout the process.

To learn more about how we help same-sex couples looking for surrogates, or to start your surrogacy process today, please call us at 1-800-875-2229.