Ask a Surrogate

Ask a Surrogate


"When the baby was delivered, I was very excited because the parents were in the room, so they got to see the baby... it was just a great experience and I felt really proud of what I did at that time. It was a great thing to be a part of, and I was very happy that they had their child."

Are you considering the life-changing gift of becoming a surrogate? Do you have your own questions about surrogacy and how the process might work for you? Ask Alicia, our resident surrogacy expert who not only works with American Surrogacy, but has been in your shoes - she's a surrogate, too.

Surrogacy is an incredible journey - and a big decision. What is it really like to be a surrogate? And how might the surrogacy process work for you? If you have questions like these, it may be helpful to talk with someone who knows the process. You can talk to Alicia, a Project Coordinator with American Surrogacy and a two-time surrogate who completed the process in 2013 and 2017. Alicia can talk you through the decision-making process and share her own experiences as a gestational surrogate.

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