Surrogacy Professionals in California: Agencies, Attorneys and More

Looking for the best surrogacy agency in California? Look no further than American Surrogacy. Here, learn more about your options for surrogacy agencies, attorneys, fertility clinics and more.

When it comes to surrogacy professionals in California, you have a lot of choices. After all, California surrogacy is one of the biggest family-building industries out there — which means there are countless surrogacy agencies, surrogacy lawyers and surrogacy clinics in California all vying for your attention.

So, how do you choose the one that is right for you?

Your first step should always be thorough research. Only then can you determine which surrogacy programs in California may best meet your needs. Fortunately, American Surrogacy has gathered some of the best resources for surrogacy in California in this article. Whatever kind of surrogacy companies in California you’re considering, you can learn more about their services here.

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Let American Surrogacy Be Your Surrogacy Agency in California

When intended parents and surrogates begin their surrogacy journeys in the Golden State, the first professionals they tend to look for are surrogacy agencies in California. For many, the benefits of the top-rated surrogacy agencies in California are invaluable and can eliminate much of the stress that comes with starting this process on your own.

If you’re trying to find the best surrogacy agency in California, look no further than American Surrogacy. Our agency has worked with many intended parents and gestational carriers in California, and we are happy to work with you, too. We can serve as your southern California surrogacy center or your surrogacy agency in northern California. Our status as a national agency means that you will receive the same quality and quantity of services and support, no matter where in California you live.

As you research the top surrogacy agencies in California, you may be unsure of working with a national agency over a more local professional. With American Surrogacy, you receive all the same benefits of a local agency (including personal support and counseling), as well as the expansive network of benefits only a national agency can provide.

When you work with American Surrogacy, you will receive these surrogacy services in California:

  • Answers to all of your questions with no obligation to join our agency until you are 100 percent ready
  • Knowledge that every surrogate or intended parent presented to you has been fully screened and is prepared for the challenges of the process ahead
  • Quick and efficient matching to get your journey going
  • Effective coordination with any other professionals in your process, including attorneys and fertility clinics
  • Personal, quality support and counseling through every step of the process
  • And more

Our surrogacy specialists are always happy to explain why American Surrogacy is one of the top surrogacy agencies in California. We are dedicated to getting you the information you need — whether that’s assistance beginning your journey with us or simply a list of surrogacy agencies in California who might better meet your personal needs and preferences.

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Your other options for California surrogacy agencies include:

California Gestational Surrogacy Attorneys

Whichever of the surrogacy agencies in southern California or northern California you choose to work with, you will also need to decide which California surrogacy attorney is right for you.

Every intended parent and prospective surrogate needs the legal guidance of California surrogacy attorneys to pursue this process safely and ethically. While California has well-defined surrogacy laws, they can be complicated. Only an experienced California surrogacy lawyer can ensure that your process meets these standards and keeps you and your surrogacy partner safe.

In addition to navigating state laws, a surrogacy lawyer in California will be responsible for drafting and negotiating your legal surrogacy contract and ensuring that the intended parents’ parental rights are established at the right time in the process. You cannot complete a California surrogacy without the assistance of a California surrogacy lawyer.

The good news? When you work with our agency, our specialists can provide references to trusted California gestational surrogacy attorneys. In the meantime, here are a few you may consider reaching out to:

Surrogacy Clinics in California

One of the last necessary professionals you’ll need in a gestational surrogacy journey is a fertility clinic. If you live in the Golden State, a surrogacy clinic in California isn’t always your only option; you also have the choice of working with a fertility clinic in a more regional area (if you’re an intended parent). Keep in mind: Any long-distance fertility clinics will require intended parents to cover travel costs for their gestational carrier.

Whether intended parents work with California surrogacy clinics or clinics in another state, the services they are provided remain the same. A surrogacy clinic plays the important role of screening a gestational carrier and intended parents before the process starts — to determine whether they are medically and emotionally ready for the process. Then, the surrogacy clinic will prepare a surrogate’s reproductive system with fertility drugs before eventually completing the embryo transfer. Once a pregnancy is confirmed, a gestational surrogate receives prenatal care from her local obstetrician.

In many cases, intended parents have an existing relationship with a certain clinic, whether it’s a surrogacy clinic in California or elsewhere. American Surrogacy is happy to coordinate with that professional throughout your surrogacy journey.

But, if you don’t yet have a California surrogacy center in mind, here are a few you might contact:

Remember: This is by no means an expansive list of the surrogacy professionals available to you in California. Surrogacy clinics, attorneys and agencies all offer different services, and it’s up to you to decide which ones are best for your family. We encourage all intended parents and prospective surrogates to take their time when making this big decision.

Want to learn more about how American Surrogacy can serve as your surrogate mother agency in California? Contact our specialists today.