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Where to Find the Newest Surrogacy Information

You can find all the latest surrogacy news and information right here. Keep checking back for recent updates to laws, ART breakthroughs and other new information relevant to surrogates and intended parents.

Assisted reproductive technology (ART) is always improving, and the processes and laws surrounding surrogacy are always evolving — so it’s beneficial for intended parents and surrogates to keep up with the latest ART and surrogacy news.

American Surrogacy and the surrogacy attorneys that we partner with are passionate about this family-building path, so we stay on top of the latest information and developments in surrogacy. And, because surrogacy is part of the larger field of assisted reproduction and is only one type of ART, our professionals also keep up with the latest advancements in other forms of family-building.  By staying informed on the field as a whole, you can better understand how surrogacy is affected by breakthroughs and changes in medicine, technology, legislature, social attitudes and more.

All of this can directly affect your surrogacy process, and as your guide through the surrogacy journey, American Surrogacy is here to help you stay a step ahead.

Here are nine of the best resources for consistent, well-researched and up-to-date ART and surrogacy news articles on a range of topics:

1. The American Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproduction Attorneys 

Their articles on surrogacy focus on recent developments in law, including case rulings on ART processes like surrogacy, gamete donation and more. This might be the best resource for information on U.S. surrogacy laws. The website also offers a database of accredited surrogacy attorneys who can help guide you through your local laws and the always-changing surrogacy legislation.

2. American Society for Reproductive Medicine

ASRM is a collection of U.S. fertility experts that offers up-to-date ART and surrogacy news articles centered around scientific journals, committee reports and statements, newsletters, recently announced research and more from the world of ART, reproductive health and medicine.

3. The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology

These reproductive technology experts produce articles about surrogacy that also focus on medical journals, practice guidelines and statements, recent press releases from the surrogacy and ART medical world and more.

4. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

The NICHD is a good source of information on a range of human development topics, among which are surrogacy and assisted reproduction. NICHD releases a number of the most recent studies and research in the field of ART, including surrogacy articles.

5. Surrogacy360

This is a good source of information on international surrogacy laws, which change often. This can be helpful for American surrogates who are interested in partnering with international intended parents who live outside of the United States.

6. Surrogacy News Daily

This website shares recent surrogacy news on a range of topics from a variety of sources, typically focusing on developments that may affect current and future intended parents.

7. The Huffington Post

In addition to a surrogacy news and features section, The Huffington Post has a section for broader assisted reproductive technology news, as well. This can be a good resource for those interested in hearing the stories of other surrogates and intended parents through parent and surrogate articles.

8. Science Daily

This publication has a fertility news section, where they occasionally feature ART and surrogacy articles. Even their broader fertility-centered news, in which the articles usually break down the findings of recent studies, can be helpful in the overall surrogacy journey for intended parents and surrogates.

9. The New York Times

The Times’ assisted reproductive technology news section includes surrogacy news, features and articles, and is a good, well-researched source for general surrogacy and ART news.


A solid resource for both intended parents and surrogates, especially if you’re new to surrogacy or just beginning the process. There’s also an overview of every state’s laws.

11. How To Be a Surrogate Mother

Primarily for surrogates, this website has a lot of support options and helpful information for surrogates — whether you’re still considering becoming a surrogate, in the middle of the process, or you’ve recently completed a surrogacy journey.

12. The American Surrogacy Blog

Not to brag, but our blog is a pretty useful resource for articles on surrogacy, news, guides and more for both intended parents and surrogates at any stage of the surrogacy process!

Remember that our surrogacy specialists are always here to help if you have any questions about a new development in ART or surrogacy. If you’d like to begin your own surrogacy journey, contact us at 1-800-875-BABY(2229) now.