Surrogacy Services You Need to Complete the Process

What kinds of surrogacy services will you need to complete the surrogacy process? Learn about the different types of surrogacy services that intended parents and surrogates will need and where to find these services.

As you learn more about the surrogacy process, it becomes clear that there are a lot of moving parts involved. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed. But with the right surrogacy services, the medical, legal, financial, practical and emotional needs of both surrogacy partners are taken care of.

With American Surrogacy, you have one professional and guide who’s looking out for you and providing every surrogacy service you’ll need throughout the process.  With our full-service program, you have one main point of contact and one professional juggling everything on your behalf. This puts less strain on you, so you can worry less and you don’t have to coordinate with multiple professionals just to get the same services.

American Surrogacy’s Services

Which surrogacy services do you need? What do those services mean? We’ll break it down for you. These intended parent and surrogate services are critical for a safe, low-stress, successful surrogacy experience for everyone involved. American Surrogacy provides:

Screening and Matching

Our screening services make sure that intended parents and surrogates meet the necessary physical, emotional and legal requirements for surrogacy, in addition to verifying each person’s commitment to the surrogacy process. Everyone who passes American Surrogacy’s screening is considered safe to partner with, and is ready for what’s to come in the surrogacy process.

Our matching services help screened and approved intended parents and surrogates to connect. We work with intended parents and surrogates to create an individualized surrogacy plan and profile, which includes a synopsis of who they are, their surrogacy preferences, goals and more. If a surrogate or intended parent reciprocates the other party’s interest in their profile, they can get to know each other more before they commit to an official match.

Counseling and Support

The surrogacy process is emotional for surrogates and intended parents alike. In addition to the complex emotions that the surrogacy relationship can sometimes bring up, surrogates and intended parents will also go through their own individual emotional journeys that can be full of ups and downs.

Most surrogate-intended parent partnerships are overwhelmingly positive, but this is a unique relationship, and it requires expert guidance. American Surrogacy has a team of experienced social workers who can help you through your individual and shared emotional journeys and work with you to create a strong surrogacy relationship.

Case Management

This surrogacy service is fairly broad, but covers a number of important functions for surrogates and intended parents, including:

  • Financial management of things like surrogate compensation money in escrow, surrogacy- and pregnancy-related expenses, budgeting for the intended parents and more.
  • Coordinating with outside professionals whenever necessary — attorneys and local fertility clinics, primarily.
  • Acting as the main point of contact for everyone involved in the surrogacy process, from the fertility clinic technicians to the intended parents, to help simplify the process.

Much of our case management involves communication and organization, which, in surrogacy, takes more time and know-how than the average person is prepared to handle without an expert like American Surrogacy.

Marketing and Advertising

Although this may seem like a less-vital surrogacy service to some, advertising and networking plays an important role for many surrogates and intended parents. If you don’t already have a surrogacy partner/match, you’ll need to find a surrogate or intended parents to work with. To do this, you’ll need our marketing and advertising services.

Our professional-quality marketing and advertising in surrogacy is how you’ll decrease your wait time and find the perfect match. American Surrogacy creates custom profiles for waiting surrogates and intended parents, offers wide-reaching marketing tactics and understands how to advertise for surrogacy situations so that you can begin your surrogacy journey sooner.

Legal Counsel

This is a more straightforward — and critical — intended parent and surrogate service. Each party in a surrogacy situation will need their own attorney who is experienced in surrogacy law to create their surrogacy contract, guide them through the required legal steps relevant to their individual situation, ensure their process follows their state surrogacy laws and more.

American Surrogacy can connect intended parents and surrogates with the legal counsel they’ll need to complete these important legal steps and ensure the protection of everyone involved, including the baby at the heart of every surrogacy journey.

Medical Services

The medical procedures required in your surrogacy process will usually include IVF and embryo transfers, fertility medications for the surrogate, potentially working with gamete donors, prenatal and postnatal care as well as delivery services. For these important surrogacy services, surrogates and intended parents will need to partner with a few different medical professionals. These professionals can vary depending on your situation, but may include:

Again, American Surrogacy can help the surrogate and intended parents to find reputable professionals to complete the necessary medical services. We’ll work with you to coordinate with these professionals throughout the surrogacy process so you don’t have to stress, and we’ll help you sort out the insurance you’ll need to cover the unique path of a surrogate pregnancy.

This may seem like a lot. However, all of these intended parent and surrogate services help create families — safely, successfully and with as little stress as possible for those involved. American Surrogacy is able to provide surrogates and intended parents with all of the surrogacy services they’ll need to complete their surrogacy journey.

Want to learn more about our services and how we can help you get started with your own surrogacy process? Contact us now at 1-800-875-BABY(2229) for more information.